Men's Fashion: An Evolution

How Men's Fashion Also Repeats Itself

Every guy deserves the shot to look good and then keeping an eye on men's fashion is a major priority. 

Throughout fashion history trends and designs have been recycled and turned into something “new” so people will buy it. Every year someone goes through their parents closets or to a thrift shop finds a piece and it gets big. The dopest pieces in fashion have just been recycled over and over again. From the puffer coat to windbreakers to Nike Cortezes, each piece represents a different point in history and how fashion staples can really live on. A piece that will never die is the the staple chain and watch combo. Nothing really says professional yet icy with a nice chain and watch. Since the creation of digital watches, no one is really out there wearing your regular time piece. Needless to say that a nice watch really boosts the entire outfit. Nordstrom has a large variety and offers them at different price points.

        The puffer coat hasn’t really been seen in circulating fashion since the uplifting of the classic peacoat, but this Winter all of that changes. The puffer not only provides a sense of style, but has been big since the 80s; designers of all variety profited off it heavily in the early 2000s. Winter 2017/2018 it has made its return into the fashion circuit. Supreme recently dropped a collab with Playboy to create this leather puffer jacket. Not only does red stand out, the insignia of the bunny provides another aspect to the outfit. On their website they also have a collab with Champion and other designs that you can choose from. This jacket/coat is coming in hard this winter even brands like H&M are selling designs like it in store and ready to wear.

There are various items that have come back from the past to remind us of times that once were. From fitted hats to dad hats a lot can change in the a few years. Trends and clothes come and go, but the greats will always return because they are eternal.