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Melody Ehsani Is Named The New Creative Director Of Women’s Foot Locker: What Does This Mean For Women In The Sneaker Community?

As many of you know, the world of sports apparel, streetwear, and sneaker culture has influenced our modern-day society and one that we have been exposed to on our daily basis. Essentially this culture started as one designated for men, but over the years it has become more inclusive with women athletes and women who are passionate about the sneaker world and style. Many of the brands and companies have an important role in spreading and diversifying the culture through sports fashion. One that is very known is Foot Locker. Foot Locker is a company that wants to inspire and celebrate this culture, from their customers to their incredible teamwork. This company presented their designated Foot Locker for women however, it is still very underrepresented. Recently, Melody Ehsani, a designer born in Los Angeles with a Persian heritage who has become known for her leadership and designs on female streetwear, has influenced her culture all around. Now, Ehsani joined to be the first creative director for Foot Locker and their women’s business, which has already inspired and changed the perspective of many in the world of sports apparel and sneakers. 

When thinking of sneakers and streetwear what usually comes to mind is a male figure however, over the years the participation and inclusivity of women have changed the stereotypes that were established years ago. Nonetheless, there’s still a significant amount of inequality and especially in this area where men are more likely to have more products and opportunities. Having a woman as the creative director for the women’s business brings hope to the field that women will have the same recognition and opportunities as men within this culture. Moreover, the sneaker industry has always shown a male-oriented vision and women have been invisible through the community. Additionally, the term “sneakerhead” refers to an individual who collects and has knowledge of sneakers which ultimately shares a strong passion for sneakers. It is not a word designed for a man nor a woman but any individual. Society has shaped the idea that a sneakerhead is regularly a man, and that’s not the case. For women, sharing this passion can be a lot harder due to sizing, lack of products in which most of the time women have to conform with grade school sizes or wear other men’s sizes. This is due to the main issue that women don’t have a large variety of sneakers that are designed specifically for women in comparison to men. Similarly, another issue arises in regards to apparel and the designs of streetwear. The stereotype that all women like a certain color, pattern, or shape is flawed and most apparels tend to have the same style. There should be an open door for women and what they want or would like to wear because style is relative. 

Furthermore, Melody Ehsani has created one of the Air Jordan 1’s that were made specifically for women twisting them on colors and patterns showing authenticity and inclusivity as well as showing the world a different side to femininity. Today, we are still growing and proving to society what we are capable of doing and not conforming to one specific style. We are not satisfied, but we will be because this culture and community will let women shine because of our determination and creativity and for incredible women that are taking steps and being inspired by those in the field. Ehsani as many other women in the community keeps empowering other females to show their light and style and to not be limited in regards to what a woman wants to wear. To more females not being afraid of showing their passion for sneakers and streetwear and for being able to be open on how they want to express themselves because for many including me styling is an expression of one’s self.


Melody Melo

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Hi! I'm Melody Melo I'm currently a sophomore at St. John's University and I'm majoring in legal studies with a minor in French. I love learning about different cultures and adventuring. I’m interested in philosophy and arts, and I enjoy expressing myself through my writing and style.
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