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Name:  Lucy Holmes-Higgin

Age: 20

Year: Junior

Major: Public Relations

Sorority: Theta Phi Alpha

When and Why did you join greek life?

I transferred into St. John’s knowing I wanted to do Greek Life. I joined Fall of 2015! I wanted to do it because I wanted to find a family away from home and have that close sisterhood that you always hear about.

How was greek life impacted your college experience?

Greek Life has extremely impacted my college experience. I met a lot of my close friends through it and have made my best friends through my sorority. I received my last job and internship through one of my sisters, it has opened so many doors for me! Since joining, I have become so much more independent and outgoing and I see myself as a Leader now.

Aside from greek life, how else are you involved on campus?

I am really involved on campus! I am the Public Relations Chair for Student Government Inc., running their social media and making flyers for a lot of organizations on campus. I am the Community Service Chair for the Panhellenic Council, and I  hold an appointed position in my sorority. I am also one of the Campus Correspondents for Her Campus! I started my own sorority based apparel company, SratLife,  this summer with one of my sisters and am working very hard to get it off the ground! I love St. John’s, and if I had a word of wisdom to anyone, it would be to get as involved as possible!!


Anai Perez

St. John's '17

Anai Perez is an alumna of Delta Phi Epsilon and St. John's University, currently working for the Department of Treasury. She is a lover of all animals (none more than her blue nosed pitbull, Blu) and a self proclaimed fangirl who's obsessed with Doctor Who, Sherlock, Harry Potter, Sailor Moon and Game of Thrones.
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