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Let’s Talk Living On Campus vs Off Campus

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at St. John's chapter.

Enrolling in college is a very big step for anyone to take, but deciding whether you should reside on or off campus is another major decision that a student has to make. Many people, including myself at one point, believe that in order to receive the traditional college experience, a student must reside on campus. However, recently my opinion on this topic has changed. Living on campus provides students with unlimited resources and activities that take place on campus, while also allowing them to have a better opportunity to network with others. Although living on campus seems to be the ideal choice for some students, common issues such as housing costs and over indulging in the social atmosphere, could be problems while residing on campus. Whether it’s balancing social life and school or trying to stay afloat with expenses, these are the dilemmas that are most prominent for students. Living off campus can be just as difficult, although the challenges that students face are different.

 This year is my first time living off campus, and although my expenses are different now, I must say that my 2 hour long commute to campus can be quite stressful. There are plenty of students like myself who have to deal with a daily commute as well, but another common issue for students who reside off campus is the lack of knowing what events are taking place on campus. My advice to my fellow non-residential students is frequently read the signs about activities on campus, and check your email for new updates on upcoming events.

Living on or off campus contributes to different residential experiences, but essentially your college experience is what you choose to make of it; you shouldn’t let anyone tell you otherwise!   

Ashli-Amari Bent

St. John's '25

Year: Sophomore Major/Minor: Journalism with a minor in Sociology Other Involvements: NAACP, Public Relations Society, The Torch Hobbies: Writing poetry, reading celebrity gossip, and blogging