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How to Stay Motivated Throughout the Spring Semester

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at St. John's chapter.

Following a nice, relaxing spring break, now is the perfect time to hit reset with a fresh start for the return to school. However, with midterms season in full effect now, it’s easy to fall behind, feel overwhelmed, or stay productive during this busy and stressful time of the semester.

In order to combat these stressors, here are 7 healthy tips to help you stay motivated throughout the rest of this school year.

  1. Make Your Bed

This is such a simple little task, but it can have a huge impact on the rest of your day. If you make your bed every morning, you’ll already have one task accomplished at the start of the day. It will give you a small sense of pride and it’ll encourage you to complete other tasks. By the end of the day, that one task completed will have turned into many.

  1. Sunday Resets

With Sunday being the last day of the weekend, it is the best day to recharge, take care of your wellness, and prepare for the week ahead. Take advantage of having a calm and relaxing morning by doing some self-care. Sundays are great for cleaning and decluttering your space, as well as meal-prepping/grocery shopping. Spend some time outdoors and move around, but also take the time to reflect on your past week while planning the following.

  1. Set Weekly Intentions

Set achievable, short-term goals that you can accomplish every week. What habits do you want to break or start? What brings you joy that you want to have more of this week? What do you want to prioritize? Be specific about what you want to manifest. Keep it positive, write in the present tense, keep it short and sweet, and make it realistic.

  1. Reward Yourself 

When setting your weekly intentions and goals, it’s also important to treat yourself when you accomplish them. So, when setting a short-term goal, choose a reward that will motivate you to achieve your goals and push through. Having a prize at the end of the journey keeps you consistent during times you feel like giving up.

  1. Remove Distractions and Temptations

It’s important to identify what’s holding you back from getting work done and find ways to minimize its impact. This could look like lessening your screen time, putting your phone on do not disturb, or creating a designated workplace. When you eliminate or minimize distractions, you’ll be able to focus and make progress on what needs to be done.

  1. Create a Routines and Prioritize it 

Create a to-do list. Set time in the morning and night to create healthy habits that will make your life easier. Maybe it’s waking up early or going to bed earlier. Maybe it’s adding reading before bed, or turning off your phone an hour before you go to sleep. It can also be preparing for the day or the next, or taking the time to do self-care. Set aside time and create a schedule of when you will study, what you will study, and for how long. Whatever routine or schedule you create, make sure you make it a priority to stick to it until it becomes second nature.

  1. Balance

Prioritizing your goals and your work wouldn’t be possible without balancing your work and self-care. It’s important to take breaks from your work so you don’t feel burnt out. Set time to focus on your health and wellness just as much as your school work and jobs. Be aware of how many hours of sleep you get, what you’re eating, staying hydrated, making sure you see your friends and family, doing your skincare, moving around, and also picking up hobbies that make you happy while also feeling productive.

Stay consistent and trust the process. Best wishes for the rest of your semester!

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Hannah Paddock

St. John's '27

Hannah is a junior at St. John's University, majoring in finance with hopes of studying corporate law in a few year. Her home town is in Southern California but she prefers the East Coast. Hannah is on the editorial and social media board. aside from reading and writing, Hannah is a member of Gamma Phi Beta and enjoys reality tv shows, the morning toast, and Taylor Swift