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How to Survive Mercury in Retrograde

Halloween wasn’t the only scary thing that kicked off on October 31st. For astrology fanatics everywhere, the most terrifying part of Halloween was the start of Mercury in Retrograde. Until November 20, astrology people will be cowering in fear as the planet closest to the sun makes some interesting shifts.

What is Mercury in Retrograde?

Astrology aside, Astronomers categorize retrograde as the period in which planets appear to be going backwards. Since all planets are rotating around the sun in the same direction at different speeds, there are certain times where from Earth, planets appear to be looping around themselves or going backwards before continuing on their orbit. Retrogrades are simply just optical illusions caused by faster moving planets catching up, and passing Earth. Mercury just so happens to be the fastest moving planet in the solar system, so it retrogrades more frequently than other planets. Mercury’s retrograde normally lasts 2-3 weeks and happen around 3-4 times a year. 

Some astrology lovers may have a complicated relationship with Mercury Retrograde. Astrologists believe Mercury is the planet that rules over communication and that it has governance over our analytical thinking and they way we process new information. When Mercury retrogrades, these aspects of our lives may be affected. Since these things are vital to our day to day lives, some may feel an element of chaos in those areas. The way that Mercury’s retrograde affects us largely depends on the sign that the planet is moving through as the planet begins to take on the qualities of that planet. This Mercury Retrograde happens to be in Scorpio. 

Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio 

There have been 3 retrogrades during 2019, and they’ve all been in water signs. Out of the three water signs, Scorpio is the most mysterious yet outgoing. During this retrograde, we take on the traits of the sign. The Scorpio energy that this retrograde brings on has the potential to shake up our entire lives and honestly, no one is safe. First and foremost, retrograde in Scorpio makes you more blunt than usual. Since the planet of communication is passing through the sign that is known for taking no B.S., you might find yourself being more upfront or confrontational than usual. It may also make us more prone to holding grudges. The Scorpio placement may also bring out more intense feelings of intimacy. These feelings can be emotional or physical. This can either help or harm us in relationships. Lastly, retrograde in Scorpio may make you feel emotions more intensely. Whether the emotions are negative or positive, the degree to which you feel them may be deeper than usual. 

Tips for Retrograde

1. Don’t text back your ex.

Mercury Retrograde is notorious for bringing back people from your past and testing if you’re really done with them. Be strong and for the love of God, do NOT text them back. 

2. Avoid being petty.

As we all find ourselves taking on Scorpio traits, we can become more combative and more feisty than usual. While it may feel absolutely cathartic to tell off anyone who comes for you, just remember that retrograde won’t last forever and you may have to deal with those consequences at a later date. 

3. Listen to that voice in your head.

Retrograde in Scorpio means that our intuitive nature is heightened. The need for emotional fulfillment makes us more aware of what does and doesn’t work for us in our lives. Listen to that voice because it knows what you want and what you need. 

4. Don’t fear the retrograde.

At the end of the day, retrograde is a reflective period. Use the heightened intuition and the newfound emotional depth we’re taking on from retrograde in Scorpio to stay true to yourself and stay grounded during a period where we are otherwise in a chaotic spiral. 

5. Don’t blame all your life problems on retrograde.

While we all tend to use retrograde periods as a scapegoat for all the bad energy in our lives, it’s imperative that we be realistic about what’s causing our problems and  hold ourselves accountable for the good and bad we may have allowed in our lives. Take the steps you need to right those wrongs

Sydney Potter

St. John's '20

Sydney is a Communication Arts major at St. John's University. She is from Atlanta, GA, and is a pisces, a punk, and a self-proclaimed crybaby.
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