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Coffee Table Couch Apartment Living Room Sunny
Coffee Table Couch Apartment Living Room Sunny
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How to Decorate Your First Apartment

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at St. John's chapter.

I have always dreamed of decorating my own apartment or house. In fact, ever since seventh grade, I’ve had a Pinterest board dedicated to that very idea of decorating your own space and home however you want. Moving into your first apartment is an opportunity to express your style and yourself by how you decorate. Here are some tips on how to make your space your own on a budget. Firstly, thrifting and shopping second-hand is an excellent way to get good deals and save the planet. Go to Goodwill, local thrift shops, or check out Facebook Marketplace to find secondhand furniture and décor. There are also plenty of decorations that you can do yourself – print out pictures for a cute picture wall, have a painting night with your friends and hang up your artwork, or try your hand at embroidery and hang the hoop on the wall, just to name a few. Making decorations yourself can often be cheaper and make your home more unique and more you! Another good decoration idea are plants; they make your home feel more natural and homier and make the air crisper and fresher. It also gives you something to take care of! If you are trying to shop small or local, check out boutiques or online shops, like Etsy. If really trying to budget, Amazon has lots of good deals on cute and trendy decorations. A way to make your apartment seem more like home is to fill it with things that fit your style and aesthetic and that you enjoy, like hanging up posters of your favorite movies or bands. To make your home feel more polished, you can thrift cool frames and frame your posters. As my future roommate and I are trying to decide how we want to decorate our apartment next year, we made a joint Pinterest board and found things we can use as inspiration for our decorating next year. There is so much you can do with decorating your first apartment, but what’s important is making it feel authentically you and a space that truly feels like home! The link to our Pinterest board for inspo can be found here.

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Ivy Bourke

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