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2020 is coming to a close and I certainly bid my good riddance. It has been a year of great tribulations and TikTok trends. It’s no question that this year has left a feeling of isolation in many. Everyone has experienced a loss this year no matter the size whether it be not being able to celebrate your graduation, losing your job, or even a loved one. Perhaps you haven’t experienced a loss, but you know someone who has. A few weeks ago, America celebrated Thanksgiving and I was thankful for my health, family, and the home that I have. Nevertheless, it’s difficult to be thankful when we’re constantly reminded of the troubles around us and what we’ve lost. So when you find this challenging, focus on not what you’ve lost but what you have. I realize it’s important to be thankful not for everything but in everything. To be thankful for the opportunities your job has given you and the memories you have with your loved ones.

Quarantine has made some of us distant from our friends and family but if you are someone who quarantines with their family, you might feel especially thankful this year for the extra time with them (despite the slow internet). Think of the community around you, and how quickly people came together in times of distress whether it be to deliver groceries to a neighbor who is of high risk or to be a support system for the essential workers going home after a heart-wrenching shift. Everywhere around the world, communities came together to clap or bang pots and pans on their balcony and recognize our essential healthcare workers and that unity is something to appreciate.  You can even be thankful for the small things like the memes that make you smile. It just reminds you that the whole world is facing it all together and gets rid of that feeling of isolation for just a moment.  It’s the hard times that make us understand the important things in our life so this holiday season, even if our celebrations might look different, we can still look around and find things to be grateful for. 


Donna Salib

St. John's '22

Hii! I am a New Yorker born and bred. I am a St. John's pharmacy student and hope to make progress in the world of healthcare. Above all, I love to learn and try new things so without further ado, let's get started!
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