Hillary is NOT the only option left

Let me preface this by saying that my personal candidate of choice is Bernie Sanders and where he wins the nomination or not, I will always support him and the political revolution that needs to happen.

On the night of May 3, 2016 at 6PM the polls closed in Indiana and as the results started to come in it was clear who the winner was, at least for the Republican Party. Around 9PM that same night Ted Cruz, the only man standing between Donald Trump and the GOP nomination, announced that he was suspending his campaign for president. With the words “Together, we left it all in Indiana”, his fight for the oval office came to an end.

When Donald Trump first announced his candidacy in 2015 we all took it as a joke and made multiple memes of him throughout his campaign; it is now May of 2016 and he is the last man standing for the GOP. It seems surreal, right? Well unfortunately this is our reality and because his own party has failed to stop him, it is now our fight to finish.

So now there are only three major presidential candidates left, two of which are still battling to be announced as their party’s nominee come July. Senator Bernie Sanders and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton are still on the campaign trail, hoping to gather as many votes as possible for themselves.

Many people are now advising voters to get behind Hillary Clinton becasuse she has a "better change at beating Donald Trump", but guess what, they're wrong. The Huffington Post gathered information on all the opinion polls comparing Sanders and Trump and not surprisingly Sanders had beat out trump each time by a margin as large as +20. They also compiled the exact same comparison for Clinton vs Trump and while Clinton also beat out Trump, her winning margin was much lower, witht the highest being +13.

The fight for the democratic nomination is not over yet and even if Clinton wins the nomination, that doesn't mean she's your only option. Even for the republican voters, you have options other than Trump. Many Americans forget the write in option for elections, you write in any name you'd like in your presidential ballot even if that person never officially ran for president or dropped out of the race.

There are still options out there, don’t think that you HAVE to vote for either of those candidates if they are not your candidate of choice.