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GLOBE: Empowering Women Through Microfinance

GLOBE is a non-profit organization that offers small loans to budding entrepreneurs in developing countries. These loans allow borrowers to build or expand their own business which has the power to provide them with a sustainable income to lift the borrowers out of poverty. Most of the loans are given to women because of the severe gender inequality in these countries which makes it difficult for women to obtain a loan from a commercial bank. GLOBE is managed by students of all majors at St. John’s University. Students can take GLOBE as a 3-credit class. It gives students a chance to learn about running a business, gain valuable work experience, and help people living in poverty. Students even get the opportunity to visit our borrowers and the countries in which we serve such as Guatemala, Nicaragua, and Vietnam. 

One of the student managers of GLOBE was interviewed to present her experience with the organization!


What is your name, major, and team?

My name is Diamond Powell and I am a junior management major and social justice minor. I am on the Technology and Communications team. 

How would you describe GLOBE?

I would describe GLOBE as a life-changing, hands-on learning experience. GLOBE is more than a grade and showing up to class every day. It is being a part of something that makes a difference in so many other women’s lives. It is a life-changing experience for me but also for the borrowers. We give them an opportunity to create better lives for themselves and their families.

How does GLOBE empower women?

GLOBE empowers women by allowing them to generate and control their own income. By providing them with a loan, they become responsible for their own money and [are] empowered to continue to run and sustain their business. 

Has being a part of GLOBE influenced what you want to do after college?

Alleviating poverty has always been a passion of mine. Specifically, at a local level. However, being a part of GLOBE and working globally to alleviate poverty has made me want to create a social business that works in favor of the less fortunate but also empowers women.  

How can anyone get involved with GLOBE?

GLOBE is taking applications until the end of November. If you miss this semester’s deadline to apply, we interview candidates every semester which means that you still have a chance to be a part of this great organization. Visit our website or come to Tobin 327 to learn more!

Visit GLOBE’s website to learn more: https://www.stjohns.edu/academics/schools/peter-j-tobin-college-business/programs/global-programs/global-microloan-program

Follow us on all social media: @tcbglobe

Change a life by donating: https://sju.quadweb.site/giving/globe-global-loan-opportunities-for-budding-entrepreneurs-final

Abigail LoManto

St. John's '20

Abigail LoManto is currently a Junior marketing major at St. John's University.
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