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What Trends Should You Be Following?

As each generation moves forward trends seem to circulate being reborn in ways that the world may have never seen before. Fur is one of those trends that seems to come back hard this year. In the last few years, the trend can be followed and clearly still growing. It has almost become a staple for one to have in their closets to look chic this winter, and there is also an equal amount of distaste as there is support. As society continues to grow technology grows as well as making for some major improvements of living. With that in mind, there are those who believe that with modernization there is no need to kill animals for anything anymore. It is true that we are not the only people that live on this planet, therefore we need to start considering how our wants affect other living things.

As far as the runway went designers were going all in this season, looking to really break barriers and get themselves seen. It was amazing to see designers like Marc Jacobs using vibrant colors and creating an effortless dramatic spectacle. Jacobs unveiled a ray of gorgeous sunshine colored off the shoulder gown, that draped flawlessly down the model’s body. Fashion Week is like a holiday in New York City, where natives and welcomed guests flock to the city to take a peek at what designers have cooked up for them. Anyone who has a hand in fashion tries to get into a few shows to unveil to the rest of us what some of the latest couture and ready-to-wear is. However, this fashion week came with multiple surprises as well including a Barry Manilow performance, Christy Turlington coming out of retirement for what she says is her last time and Naomi Campbell also taking the world by surprise.

Each event had its own special touch that made the whole event a bit more dazzling and captivating. However, the serious question lies is what you need to have in your wardrobe. First, purple is the new pink and that is a bold statement, yes, but a true one. Reds lovely hue should stay in the closet and a nice vibrant lavender or a plum is the way to go. Not only does it stand out in a crowd, but also has a spirit of its own.

High fashion is always interesting to watch because of the things that go down the runway that most people on the streets may be never able to wear. One high fashion trend that is coming back and will hopefully done well is ruffles. A plethora of designers showcased ruffles collars, light dresses, and elaborate skirts. Keeping in mind it may be harder for a regular person to include this trend in their wardrobe, but it is all about moderation. If someone knows their friends are going to clown them they probably shouldn’t wear a shirt that day that reminds them of George Washington. However if you are going to a tasteful event and wanna throw on a ruffle collared shirt on with leather pants and a nice pair of boots, go for it.

Purses or bags have been an outfit staple for quite some time now and it is possible that less is best. Little bags are back and here for the win as well. What everyone needs to be looking out for is geometric small bags. Circles, cubes and small bags of that nature are what is in. So go pick up a cute little bag from any store and probably save a lot of time not digging in your purse.


London-Calderon is a Senior at St. John's University and is EIC for the chapter. She spends her time writing, listening to music and working on several unfinished books. When she graduates she plans on going into the workforce and reporting for a publication. She is also an intern at Newsday Media. 
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