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Accepting and embracing different hair textures has always been a topic for discussion amongst different ethnic groups, but embracing our natural crown has become much easier with the constant evolution of our society. Throughout my childhood, finding the right hair product to use was very difficult, and dealing with my 4B hair type became very stressful. After always dreading my mother’s numerous attempts to try and comb my hair, I had started to get relaxers at an early age to help rid myself of the coils in my hair. When I was around friends with straighter hair textures, I felt as if I was more socially accepted, but when I was around my friends that had more course hair textures, they felt as if I was afraid to embrace my natural hair. As I went into high school, and continued my education in college, I realized that everyone’s crown is different, and I shouldn’t feel guilty about the way I choose to wear mine. As of today, I still do receive relaxers in my hair every few months, not only because I’m tender headed, but also since this is the way in which I feel comfortable choosing to represent and wear my crown.

My advice to anyone who may be struggling with embracing their hair type, whether it’s the texture or color, is to first acknowledge the unrealistic standard of beauty that modern culture has placed upon us. Everyone should take note and understand that not every person’s hair reflects the European standard of beauty that most people try to obtain. Another important piece of advice that everyone should consider is, what their hair color and type can potentially be. My hair texture is 4B, and my hair color is 1B. Although the products that I used in the past were different since I was all natural, I currently use Morrocan oil and Mizani products to help keep my hair healthy and free from split ends. Lastly, the most important thing that I always tell myself and others is to always feel secure with your hair, and if you don’t like it, it’s okay to try a different style to suit you. Whether your hair is dyed, chemically processed, in a protective style, or you wear a lace front, these are all still our crowns that help distinguish who we are.

Ashli-Amari Bent

St. John's '25

Year: Sophomore Major/Minor: Journalism with a minor in Sociology Other Involvements: NAACP, Public Relations Society, The Torch Hobbies: Writing poetry, reading celebrity gossip, and blogging
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