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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at St. John's chapter.

Deciding what to should major in is very difficult for many college students, but choosing a minor in relation to your field of study can be just as challenging. Many students, including myself, choose to minor in a second study because it will help us look more marketable in the job market and showcase our ability to shift into a different area of expertise. I believe that the one big misconception that people tend to have in regards to choosing a minor, is that it should always coincide with your major. Whether your minor is almost identical to your major, or in a completely different field, always remember that you’ve still managed to display a tremendous amount of versatility.

  This past week, I have officially declared my minor in sociology, alongside my major which is journalism. When I was considering what to major in, I started to assess what career path I would like to embark on in life. Since writing has always been a strength of mine that is heavily present in the field of journalism, I realized that sociology would be the best minor for me because of its emphasis on social change and human behavior. Although choosing my minor because it correlated to my major was my own personal choice, I also had scheduled a meeting with my dean in order to see what the smartest move for me to make was. The advice that I have for anyone having difficulty choosing a minor would be to speak to your advisor or dean. They will always inform you of what the best pathway is in order to meet your end goal in college. There may also be accelerated programs that are offered for students that consist of minors that may strike your interest. Choosing a minor isn’t a decision that you should take lightly, as it helps you gain valuable knowledge and experience outside of your major. Also, remember that minors are not a required obligation for students to have, but if you’re truly passionate about a subject, then follow your passion and take advantage of the opportunity!

Ashli-Amari Bent

St. John's '25

Year: Sophomore Major/Minor: Journalism with a minor in Sociology Other Involvements: NAACP, Public Relations Society, The Torch Hobbies: Writing poetry, reading celebrity gossip, and blogging