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Best Places in NYC for the Perfect Holiday Photoshoot

The holidays are right around the corner! An escape that both young and old have been looking forward to after a very turbulent year. With festivities in full swing, it’s no surprise that everyone wants to capture all these joyful moments and attempt to create some final sweet memories. 

Photographs are one of the best ways to do that, so here are what I consider to be some of the amazing locations in New York City to be taking some (I’m sorry to all the non-native New Yorkers who can’t visit this year but these sites can always be an option for you in the future). 

1. Rockefeller Center:

A classic winter spot! You’ve got the biggest Christmas tree on display with its lovely shimmering incandescence with additionally illuminated shrubbery surrounding it. If lights are what you’re looking for, then definitely visit this landmark. The skating rink is also nearby if you want some cool shots on the ice. You can visit that spot here. 

2. Dyker Heights Christmas Lights:

This breathtaking exhibition of Christmas decor will blow you away. Homeowners and decorating companies set to work the week after Thanksgiving to set up their displays for the public. These designs can range from life-size reindeer pulling Santa’s sleigh to large inflatable snowmen encircled by vibrant and colorful snowflakes. The holiday extravaganza extends from 11th to 13th Avenue and 83rd to 86th Street in Dyker Heights, Brooklyn. If variety is what you desire in your photos or if you’re looking to upgrade your decoration game for next winter, this is the perfect place for you. You can visit this spot this year, but with rules found here

3. Saks Lights Up Fifth Avenue: 

Although this might not be the ideal place to photograph yourself, it’s absolutely worth taking pictures of this department store because of their spectacular light show. Trust me, it’s something you would not want to miss given how magical it can truly be. Additionally, there are cute individual displays in their windows to further promote the festive spirit. You can visit this spot here. 

4. Washington Square Park:

I’m pretty sure you’re all wondering why I would suggest another place with a Christmas tree if we already got Rockefeller Center. It’s simple really. Want some vintage architecture to enhance your photo. Well, the arch at the park fulfills that purpose flawlessly by acting as a border around the tree. You can visit this spot here

5. The Oculus:

Known as one of the largest shopping centers in the city, along with being a transportation hub, this building provides an artsy abstract background to your photos if taken from various perspectives and angles. Decked out in gold and silver, the center also contains mini-holiday exhibitions where you can take some extra cute pictures too. You can visit this spot here. 

6. Upper Rust Antique Store:

Who doesn’t appreciate a beautifully decorated storefront, especially if the store is an antique shop? Located in Greenwich Village, this store will not disappoint. They’ve hung traditional lights both inside and outside the store. As a plus incorporated flowers and tiny antique trinkets to make the place feel more homely. You can visit this spot here. 

7. Macy’s Herald Square:

We’ve all heard the term “window shopping” but have you ever heard of window sightseeing? Well, today’s your lucky day because holiday window decorations are another long-standing tradition here in the city. There is always a theme for the displays, which changes every year. With the pandemic this year, the focus for this year was gratitude. One of the perks of Being in close vicinity to an enormous store is you can get some quick holiday shopping done if necessary. Got any young children in your family? You can take them to visit Santa while you’re at it and get some photos in with him too. You can visit this spot here

I hope everyone enjoys these spots as much as I do, whenever you get a chance to travel in NYC. Have a safe and happy holiday!

Sharupa Azmal

St. John's '24

Sharupa Azmal is a freshman who is majoring in Pharmacy at St. John’s University. Besides writing for Her Campus, she finds herself journaling or blogging frequently. Her other pastimes include reading books and webtoons, watching movies (yes Bollywood films are included), and dragging her friends on little trips throughout New York City.
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