An Appreciation Post for Queens

Hearing the words “New York City” often conjures up an image in one’s mind of tall skyscrapers, yellow taxis speeding around, and fashionable men and women swiftly making their way through massive crowds. When you tell people you go to school in New York City, they usually associate it with Manhattan. For the most part, many people forget that NYC encompasses four other boroughs – each with something special to offer.

People don’t give enough credit to the borough of Queens, where St. John’s is located. Some think it’s a boring, suburban area that just happens to be associated with NYC. Others are captivated by the glamour associated with Manhattan and spend their time there, never allowing themselves to fully experience all that Queens has to offer.

Our school is perfect if you seek a “campus feel” while also being in close proximity to Manhattan. We don’t have to travel far to find a good place to eat, or a pretty park to relax in. Yet, if it’s Times Square, the Brooklyn Bridge, or another popular NYC attraction that we seek, all we have to do is hop on the subway or the bus. Queens itself seems to be vastly underrated in comparison to other boroughs.

Queens itself has many popular attractions, such as Citi Field, home of the New York Mets, or Flushing - Meadows Corona Park. If you’re itching to shop, there’s no need to travel all the way to Manhattan – just take a stroll down Austin Street in Forest Hills. The view of Manhattan from the piers in Long Island City is breathtaking, especially at night, as is the view from Astoria Park. The best part? These don’t even begin to cover all that Queens has to offer.

It also happens to be the most diverse urban area in the world, giving us the opportunity to experience many different cultures. This allows us to explore different languages, foods, and other cultural practices that we may have never known about (which also happens to be a benefit of attending SJU, one of the most diverse colleges in the nation).

Manhattan is amazing, there’s no doubt about that. So are all of the other boroughs that make up New York City. However, NYC expands far beyond the dominating skyscrapers that consume our thoughts.

Taking the time to explore New York City, and Queens, beyond a short walk down Union Turnpike will not only prove to be rewarding, but also eye-opening.