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Anai Perez ’17

1) Le Name, La Year and Le Major?

Anai Perez, Junior, Government & Politics with an Italian minor.

2) Where are you from?
Dallas, Texas 
3) Why did you pick St.John’s?
I deferred for two years after high school and when I decided to apply to colleges again I only applied to colleges out of state because at that time I wanted to be as far away from Texas as possible. I always say it was the money that brought me to St. John’s (they gave me a hell of financial aid package) but really it was the city that brought me here. Like I said, I basically wanted to runaway from Texas and what better place to runaway to than NYC? 
4) What’s your favorite part about NYC?
I love that NYC is essentially one of the world capitals. There are cities that everyone knows about and NYC is at the top of that list. Everything happens here, you never have to worry about not being able to see your favorite artist/band if they go on tour because 9 times out of 10, they will stop in NYC. 
5) Describe your experience with Greek Life.
Honestly it’s been slightly bumpy for me because I was never one of the girls that knew she would go greek, not because of the stereotypical sorority girl image but because I’ve always seen myself as an incredibly socially awkward person so I thought I wouldn’t be able to fit in with any sorority but I found my home in DPhiE with amazing women who accept me just as i am, awkward moments and all. 
6) One thing you love about your sorority, DPhiE?
My sisters. Like I said, I consider myself a socially awkward person but they bring me out of my shell more than a lot of people have ever been able to. I don’t have to try and pretend to be a different person around them. they’re the most supportive people ever and if I ever need advice or just someone to vent to they will listen and tell me their honest opinion even if it’s not what I want to hear. 
7) Tell us about your most memorable experience at St.John’s.There are two moments, when I joined my sorority and when Lucy and I officially launched HC St. John’s (funny coincidence: the official launch date of HC St. john’s is also my sorority’s founders day). I never thought I would join a sorority but it’s been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made and I never thought I had what it took to build something from the ground up but I proved myself wrong when HC St. John’s officially launched. 
8) What is it like to lead HC SJU?It’s kind of crazy but I love it. I’d wanted to start an HC chapter since my freshman year but I knew I didn’t have the focus to do it then, plus I had like 3 friends and none of them were even remotely interested in helping me start a chapter. Then one day during sophomore year I just posted a random Yik Yak message about starting an HC chapter and people replied that they actually loved Her Campus and thought it was a great idea. This eventually led me and Lucy to meet and the rest is kind of history from there. It can be stressful at times because I worry about deadlines, whether or not people have uploaded their articles already or if we’re going to meet our weekly requirements but it’s completely worth it. I’m the EIC of a nationally recognized online magazine which completely blows my mind. I came into St. John’s thinking I would go through college, make some friends and get my degree but in starting HC St. John’s I like to think it will be my legacy here. 
9) What is a day in the life of Anai like?Pretty boring actually, I’m a very simple person. I go to classes on the days I have them, grab lunch and come back home to Henley to attempt to be a good student and do my homework ahead of time (I usually fail at that last part and end up crafting, reading or rewatching Gossip Girl on Netflix).
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Abhi Joshi

St. John's

My name is Abhi. I am a Journalism major with a minor in Film & TV Production at St. John's University. I am originally from Mumbai, India, but New York City is officially my new home!
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