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An Essential Guide to Discovering Coachella’s Underrated Artists 

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at St. John's chapter.

For the 2023 Coachella Festival in California, there will be a whopping 167 artists performing. With headliners like Bad Bunny, Black Pink, and Frank Ocean, it can be easy to forget about the lesser-known musical talents of the festival. However, if you’re paying the hefty $540 ticket price for the event, listening to a smaller artist’s set is worth it. Here are some from the lineup to listen to: 


  1. Magdalena Bay

This duo is spot-on in describing themselves as “synth pop straight from the simulation.” With a quick look at their album covers you can see their techno-space vibe. 

Essential songs: 

  1. The Murder Capital

This Dublin-based group features 5 young musicians and their nostalgic post-punk tunes. 

Essential songs: 

  1. DannyLux

This 18-year-old Mexican-American singer has mesmerized listeners all around the world, revolutionizing the sound of regional Mexican music despite his young age.

Essential songs:


  1. Sunset Rollercoaster

This romantic pop band has its origins in Taipei. However, they get their influences from American R&B, Japanese city-pop, and Chinese language-pop. 

Essential songs: 

  1. Destroy Boys

This punk band spent most of their young lives tearing up stages all over the world. Their signature is recording hits in a matter of days, with some blowing up on TikTok and others included in Tony Hawk’s video game, “Pro-Skater”. 

Essential songs: 

  1. AG Club

This Bay Area-based hip-hop group prides themselves on doing what they love and pays no mind to social media numbers. Each member brings an undeniable high energy and relentless bars. 

Essential songs: 


  1. Paris Texas

This hip-hop duo from Los Angeles got its start in 2018 when the two men met at their community college and bonded over their love of Florida rapper, Robb Banks. Their music clearly resembles this love and other notes of 90s OutKast records. 

Essential songs:

  1. Big Wild

Big Wild is an electronic producer, composer, vocalist, and sound engineer. His tracks consist of moments of switching between multiple instruments (drum pads, synths, keyboards, and vocals). 

Essential songs:

  1. Sudan Archives

Sudan Archives got her start as a violinist in Cincinnati, Ohio. Now, she has moved towards electronic R&B and soul, adding bits of her beautiful instrumental talent into the tracks. 

Essential songs:

Whether you’ll be attending Coachella in the Valley of California or from the comfort of your home, listening to the lesser-known artists of the festival can be a fun and explorative experience.  

Grace Notarstefano

St. John's '26

Grace is currently a freshman at St. John’s University in Queens NY. She is double majoring in History and Italian, with hopes to someday become a professor and enter the world of research. She can be found painting and sculpting, reading, trying new recipes, or writing up a post for her blog on the literature of the world.