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Affordable Items To Go Along With Today’s Fashion Trends

Finding one’s sense of style can and should be exciting. However, it can become expensive when trying to keep up with the latest trends. As a college student, I love finding hidden gems that boost my wardrobe at an affordable cost. While you may have to do a little searching, these items are out there.

  1. Jewelry 

When buying jewelry, I look for statement pieces that radiate beauty. My go-to for affordable distinctive pieces has been Ny’z Accessory Shop and EthereallPrincess. Nyzeire’s website features all types of jewelry and other fashionable items such as eyewear and scarves. Some of my favorites from Ny’z Accessory Shop are the Green Cat Eye Sunnies, the Unakite Stone Bracelet, and Mosaic Gem Earrings (yes these items are as pretty as they sound). Some of my favorites on Tyair’s website are the Tiffany Fur Hat, The Nairobi Bracelet, the Rubi Necklace, and Lotus Necklace. Both sites feature an abundance of affordable, unique, and trendy pieces I know will add to your wardrobe. 

  1. Shoes

Before leaving out for the day my sister and I almost always ask “which shoes do I wear?” I love being comfortable, and slides and slippers are often my go-to. Some new affordable slippers are a part of Steve Madden’s Cool Planet Collection, which prides itself on sustainability and environmental consciousness. The Birdy Slip-on from the Cool Planet Collection makes me imagine what UGG and Birkenstock in one would be for $69. The shoe looks super cozy and is a perfect addition to one’s collection in these cold months. Chunky/Platform boots made a comeback last year. Steve Madden has gorgeous water resistant chunky boots called LodgeBoots. These come in multiple neutral colors such as Lodge Blue, and Lodge Olive to go with anything. In addition to Steve Madden, Akira is an online store with tons of name brand shoes. Such as The Black Ugg Chevonne Bootie featured on their site. Akira’s My Type Flat Sandal is also an affordable alternative to designer slides.

3. Clothing

Looking for clothing is probably the most fun when searching for items that go along with today’s fashion trends. I highly recommend visiting a thrift shop near you for basic tops and bottoms. In addition, Amazon is home to many essentials such as basic crewnecks, cargo pants, and so much more. You are likely to find whatever you type into the search bar. I recommend reading reviews before purchasing, but Amazon makes finding what you are looking for at a low-cost easy.

  1. Bags 

Tote bags are everywhere as of late. This is probably largely because playing with the different colors and styles of these bags can add to the detail of any outfit. Urban outfitters has been my go-to for quality totes that catch the eye. The majority of tote bags on this particular website range anywhere from $9 to $110. I own and would recommend a BDG Tote Bag. Urban Outfitter’s BDG Wide Wale Corduroy Tote Bag retails for $29 and comes in numerous colors including Light Green, Chartreuse, Ivory (which I find goes with everything), and Pink. Another affordable bag on the site is The Ragged Priest Burner Denim Argyle Tote Bag which retails for $50. It is all denim, has a timeless vintage look, and is overall a super cute and affordable item that you can add to your wardrobe.

With a little searching, the possibilities of items you can add to your wardrobe are endless. There is a misconception that affordable means low-quality but the items above show this is not the case. Happy shopping!

Alysha Richards

St. John's '23

19| NY| Hello! My name is Alysha Richards and I am a junior at St. John's University in Queens. I am currently working towards a degree in Legal Studies, and a minor in Journalism. Writing has always been a creative outlet for me. Lover of all things Disney & Marvel.
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