8 Women-Owned Businesses to Support

Pads, deodorant, jewelry, and tattoos. All things that amazing women have made a business out of. It is always important to support smaller and relatively new businesses. It is also important to always support women in their endeavors. Women’s month is an important reminder that women can start businesses too and deserve our support. No matter what you need, there is inevitably a woman owned business to supply your needs. Here are just 8 that are successful and keep on growing with the support of women like you. 

  1. Aunt Flow is a  company founded by Claire Coder, an 18 year old girl from Ohio who simply realized that not only do periods suck, but that we deserve the best products possible when it comes to that time of the month. They sell tampons, pads, and dispensers for all of your personal needs. It’s super easy to order/reorder and they also donate one femine hygiene product to a person in need for every 10 sold.

  2. Eldonna Fernandez visited Kenya on a mission trip and left with a new outlook on life and an idea to help the impoverished women of the country through one of their many talents; jewelry making. Every piece of unique jewelry you buy, helps the women and their families make a better life for themselves.

  3. City Girl Coffee has all your exotic coffee needs. Plus, all their coffee is sourced from women owned farms. Alyza Bohbot James wanted to sell quality coffee and tea all the while supporting her fellow women all around the world and encouraging us to do the same. Lucky for us, She is doing one heck of a job.

  4. Smarty Pits is a deodorant company that cares about you and your health. Their natural and aluminum free deodorant provides a safer and more natural way to protect against sweat stains. They also have biodegradable wrapping, which is great for the environment too. Stacia Guzzo found the need for a natural deodorant when her mother's breast cancer was linked to her underarm. She dedicated herself to creating a quality  product that would help prevent this for other women out there.

  5. No, not the popular hair gel brand that so many of us rely on to slay our edges and slick back our buns, ECO STYLE is a company that sells professional bags. It was founded by a woman named Sandy Rouse who immigrated from South Africa. After working in the computer case industry for many years, Sandy decided to start her own companies. Sandy Lisa is a more girly and fashionable extension of her brand. With many of us continuing on to the workforce and/or grad school in a few short years, her websites should be checked out for sure.

  6. Pink Plastic is a jewelry, accessory, and clothing brand that sells clothes that literally look like they could fit life size barbie dolls. However, they are also very size inclusive with their plus sized line. They encourage women to be confident in whatever they wear and are truly a brand made by women for women.

  7. Caitlin Moody intended for Charlie Blu to be a brand that brings out the natural beauty of women through the simple yet beautiful jewelry of the brand. Starting in Rochester, Ny, Charlie Blu now has an online presence that makes the jewelry more accessible to everyone. The jewelry is also hypoallergenic which makes it perfect and for anyone to wear.

  8. Glow Recipe was founded by Sarah Lee and Christine Chang when they decided to do something about their passion for beauty and helping people learn the importance of self care. Their products literally will make your skin glow. From serums to lipsticks, there is something for everyone at Glow Recipe, and at a reasonable price. You can even search for products by fruit, how cool is that?