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5 Reasons Why Cosmo’s Snapchat Should Be Your Best Friend

The Discover tab, one of Snapchat’s most innovative features, allows viewers to watch stories from outlets such as CNN, ESPN, People and National Geographic. While they all deliver interesting content in their own ways, the story that I absolutely need to watch every day comes from Cosmopolitan. The popular woman’s magazine is condensed into a series of short articles, memes and other little tidbits of information. Here are the top five reasons why you should become as obsessed with it as I am:

1. 1. Cosmo understands the love (and need) for coffee.

We’re adults. We have school, work, extra-curricular activities and personal lives to balance. Thankfully, I feel less crazy knowing that others share my coffee obsession.

2. There’s super-helpful info for any wardrobe, makeup or personal issue imaginable. 

Need to know what your nail polish shade says about you? What brand of foundation is best for your skin? What you should order from Starbucks? Cosmo is all-knowing.

3. Communicating with friends via memes and gifs is so much more efficient. 

My daily Snap routine usually goes like this: Scroll through the story, screenshot every relatable thing I see, send it to my BFF and patiently wait for her to reply “OMG same.” 

4. Although most of the articles are funny and lighthearted, the serious articles are just as good.

From features on do-good celebrities to pieces spreading the importance of feminism, Cosmo brings awareness of real issues to a larger audience.

5. Their weekly horoscopes are crazy spot-on.

Every Monday, the weekly horoscopes are put out along with a corresponding “Spirit Animal,” because it’s very important to know which Spirit Blair Waldorf gif will describe my week. I like to screenshot my horoscope and look back on it later in the week. Just try it. It’s crazy accurate most of the time.

For these reasons, I really trust Cosmo more than I trust myself sometimes. 

Brenna is a sophomore at St. John's University studying journalism and sport management. She crossed the Hudson to pursue her dream of being a sports journalist and whatever else the universe leads her to be.
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