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5 Halloween Costume Ideas From This Year’s Biggest Film/TV Releases

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at St. John's chapter.

If you’re anything like me, you never know what to wear for Halloween. I always find myself stressing over what should simply be a fun excuse to dress a little differently every year. However, so many amazing films and television shows were released this year, meaning a plethora of new Halloween costume ideas have practically created themselves. Here are five Halloween costume ideas based on movies and TV shows that have come out this year!


As the highest-grossing, global film release of 2023, Greta Gerwig’s “Barbie” will likely be a very popular Halloween costume this October. British costume designer Jacqueline Durran has been widely praised for creating the whimsical and bright outfits that truly brought Barbieland to life. This movie is packed with fun costume ideas, such as the pink leotard set that Barbie and Ken wear skating around L.A., and Ken’s casual “I am Kenough” hoodie. If you want to do a Barbie and Ken couple’s costume, the cowgirl-inspired outfits Barbie and Ken wear in the “real world” will undoubtedly turn heads. My personal favorite picks from the movie are Barbie’s gingham beach outfit and her sparkly disco jumpsuit. 

2. “Heartstopper”

Looking for a casual costume that’s stylish and one you can wear after the Halloween party is over? Well, look no further because this costume inspired by the second season of Netflix’s “Heartstopper” which came out (pun intended) this summer, will certainly fit the criteria. One character named Elle Argent has been highlighted for her fashion sense this season. She wears iconic outfits such as her purple bodycon dress paired with a denim jacket and her trendy, orange cutout halter top that is worn in the season finale. Other costume ideas can be drawn from characters like Darcy Olsson with her “I Love Paris” hoodie, or Imogen Heaney’s green and white cardigan paired with a matching beret if you’re looking for cute and casual costume choices.

3. “Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour”

On Friday, October 13, 2023, the concert film “Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour” will hit theaters. Taylor Swift has undeniably (and perhaps unknowingly) enacted one of the most defining pop culture events of 2023. Swifties have made it a Halloween tradition to dress up as Swift’s songs or lyrics, such as her iconic “not a lot going on at the moment” shirt from the “Red” era, so you can absolutely use (or reuse!) some of your ideas this season. Bonus points if you dress up as “Miss Americana & the Heartbreak Prince”, it’s my favorite Taylor Swift song! You can also create a look inspired by Swift’s costumes during the show. This could be a recreation of the famous “Lover” bodysuit, the “Fearless” dress paired with the boots to match or even the “Reputation” snake outfit! 

4. “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3”

This could possibly be the best group costume idea based on a movie released this year! Marvel’s long-awaited third and final “Guardians of the Galaxy” (GOTG) film took theaters by storm in May as fans said goodbye to the superhero group they’ve come to know and love since its first installation. Each friend in your group can pick their favorite film from the series to take inspiration from this Halloween. The best part is that you can also wear these GOTG costumes solo thanks to their versatility and uniqueness.

5. “The Summer I Turned Pretty”

The long-awaited second season of the Amazon Prime series “The Summer I Turned Pretty” premiered this summer and it’s safe to say that women of all ages have been eating well with film and television. This Halloween, why not take inspiration from the main character, Belly’s looks throughout the series? From her dreamy debutante dress and gloves in season one to her orange crop top, swirly biker shorts and roller skates worn in season two episode six’s goodbye party, these stylish costumes will make you feel as hot as the summer heat at your Halloween festivities.

Picking a Halloween costume is never an easy task, especially when having to decide which iconic looks you want to recreate while gathering all the pieces needed to make it happen. Hopefully, the beloved movies and TV shows that graced our screens this year can help inspire your frightful, Halloween fit!


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