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Believe it or not, fall is already here. This means it’s finally time to switch from the criss-cross tank tops, jean shorts, and sandals, to your favorite sweaters, jeans, and leather boots. Fall is my favorite season and I am always on the lookout for both the newest and the classic trends to rock. Here are a few fall fashion trends to watch that will make you want to sip your pumpkin spice latte and watch your favorite fall-themed rom-com:

  1. Biker Shorts

 The look once popularized by Princess Diana is back! Biker shorts spice up any normal outfit. If you want to rock the “model off duty” look, then biker shorts are meant for you! These ever so comfortable shorts can be paired with a sweatshirt, an oversized t-shirt, or a blazer (my personal favorite!). If you want to complete the look, consider adding a fanny pack, statement hoops, or your favorite pair of chunky sneakers! Head over to websites such as H&M, Lululemon, and Aerie for the cutest pairs of biker shorts guaranteed to enhance your fall look. 

  1. Loafers

  Loafers have come out of hiding as one of the most up-and-coming fall trends to watch. The prep school look has become a trend that you can dress up or down. There are so many variations of this shoe that fit any aesthetic you can think of. Whether you are looking for a plain shoe, a crocodile print, or ones with the cutest gold or silver hardware, you are sure to find the loafer that matches any aspect of your style! I love to pair my loafers with a pair of ruffle socks to complete this dainty look. For more shoe inspo, check out sites such as Zara, ASOS, and Ardene.

  1. Plaid

Plaid remains a staple of fall fashion year after year, and I am here for it! You can never go wrong with your favorite pair of tartan pants, or that preppy plaid skirt that’s been sitting in your closet since 2018. The beauty of plaid is that you can wear so many different color patterns ranging from the classic red and black pattern, to a purple and yellow plaid outfit. Who said plaid can’t be flashy? Embrace that light or dark academia look by adding a drop of plaid into your outfit this fall. So, next time you go to that trendy coffee shop in the city, add some plaid to make everyone stop and stare! 

  1. Funky Knits

Who said bright colors were for summer only?! This eccentric fall trend has me wanting to wear the brightest colors on the gloomiest days! If you are looking for the perfect statement sweater, you must check out Zara, and up-and-coming brands, Kina and Tam, Lazy Oaf, and The Ragged Priest. Anyone can rock a funky sweater, vest, or cardigan that can be paired with quite literally anything. 

  1. Baseball Caps

If you know me, you know I love to wear a baseball cap. If I am having a bad hair day, I put on a baseball cap. If I am looking for an additive to a lacking outfit, I put on a baseball cap. If you want to give sporty realness or want to look like an ultimate girl boss, wear a baseball cap! It’s also perfect to wear when you oversleep for that pesky 8 a.m class! Whether you want to rep your favorite sports team, show school spirit, or you’re just feeling like wearing a hat, I’m sure you will find the perfect hat for any occasion!

When it comes to fall fashion trends, these are just a few of the best ones this season. I hope these autumnal staples give you the inspo that you need, and help you to look your best all season! Have fun styling!

Olivia Seaman

St. John's '25

Olivia is a first year Journalism and Film Studies student from PA with a passion for women's rights and pop culture. She hopes to change the world one article at a time!