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I grew up in a Jamaican household. In Jamaica, Halloween is something many people refuse to acknowledge. The very mention of it to any family member of mine is often dismissed. Because of this, when I was growing up, I was never allowed to trick or treat. However, my mom did give into buying costumes for my sister and I so we didn’t feel left out. From ages 5-17 (before I went trick or treating for the first time), Halloween was entirely focused on what I would wear.

This is a thought I’m sure many people have at this time of year. Spending a ton on an elaborate costume that you may wear once or twice is not for everyone. Below are 5 costume ideas that are not only easy, but fairly affordable. 

Kim Possible

This character has gained a lot of popularity over the past few years. I think it’s because dressing up as one of your favorite childhood T.V characters is a bit nostalgic, and also largely because it is fairly easy to do. To dress up as Kim Possible this Halloween, all you need is a black long-sleeve shirt and green cargo jeans or sweat pants An orange wig is also optional. 

Trinity- The Matrix 

If you are a fan of this trilogy, or simply like leather and the color black, this is the costume for you. Trinity from, The Matrix, is known to wear all black at all times. Not only is it easy, you also probably have everything to create this look at home. For this look, all you need is an all black outfit. Trinity wore black leather pants, jumpsuits, and tank tops. Her hair is typically worn slicked back. Don’t forget the black sunglasses! You can find any online by typing in, “Matrix Sunglasses.” 


Velma is another childhood T.V character from Scooby Doo. Simply put, Velma’s outfit is super cute and super simple. To dress up as her, you’ll need fake glasses, an orange sweater, a red skirt, orange high socks, and lastly, a bob wig. While you may not have everything accessible at this minute, each item for this costume is easy to find online. Also, if you have a best friend who is not sure what to do and is looking for an easy costume, you can dress up together as Daphne and Velma. 


Many people love to dress as their idols on Halloween. This is most definitely an “It Girl” costume. Aaliyah was a trendsetter and the spotlight was on her in the late 90’s. Since 90’s fashion has made a comeback, it is likely you already have what you need to dress up as Aaliyah for this Halloween.This is another look where sunglasses will come in handy. Baggy jeans, a white tank top, an oversized jacket, and lastly a bandana or hat, are all that you need to dress up as Aaliyah. As someone who is considering it this year, I’ve found multiple outfits of hers on Pinterest that could easily be recreated. 

Your favorite basketball player

If you are a big fan of basketball, or again just looking for an uncomplicated costume, dressing up as a basketball player is a great idea. Jerseys/attire for any team are easy to find, and can be worn with matching shorts of the same color, or jeans. This and a basketball are all you need to be the basketball player of your choice this Halloween. 

If the choices above are not your favorite, start by looking up your favorite character on Pinterest, what do they have on? Remember, Halloween is a time for fun and making memories; don’t overthink what to wear. The possibilities are endless, and often easy to attain. Good luck this year, and in the years to come finding your perfect costume! 

Alysha Richards

St. John's '23

19| NY| Hello! My name is Alysha Richards and I am a junior at St. John's University in Queens. I am currently working towards a degree in Legal Studies, and a minor in Journalism. Writing has always been a creative outlet for me. Lover of all things Disney & Marvel.