UT Students Panic as Violence Escalates

Today Texas faced two tragedies- a shooting in Dallas and a stabbing on UT Austin's campus. Updates rolled in slowly on Facebook and UT students were, at best, speculating while receiving all information from PCL (main library on campus), where horrific events unfolded outside the building. 

UTPD did little to keep students updated about the situation, failing to inform the student body of "new details as they unfold[ed]." As of recent news- several injured, at least one dead, and a bomb threat on campus. Greek students are said to be the targets of these attacks and there has been no caution/warning in text alerts for students to turn their letters inside out. 

APD has been a far more reliable resource to students today and they're taking calls from frightened UT students. There are more updates rolling in on all social media platforms saying West Campus is an area to avoid due to a recent alleged stabbing near 26th street. This has not been confirmed by UTPD or APD, so mass hysteria is a factor to consider. But to all longhorns, err on the side of caution and lock your doors and make sure your friends are in a safe space. 

Thoughts and prayers are being sent your way from St. Edward's students on the Hilltop. 


Thank you to our anonymous UT student(s) informant(s) who were able to keep us up to date even during the chaos.