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Meet Brandon! Our Baseball Team’s Motivational Specialist

In my previous article, I discussed how March is Cerebral Palsy Awareness Month. In honor of CP Awareness Month, I interviewed Brandon Gonzales. Brandon Gonzales is our Hilltop Baseball Motivational Specialist who also lives with CP! Get to know Brandon, his love for baseball, and his life with CP.

Why do you love SEU?

The people and just the different views on campus.

What is your job as the team’s motivational specialist?

My role on the Baseball team is giving the guys inspiration and telling them not to give up.

How does living with CP affect your life?

CP doesn’t really get in my way because if I let that get in my way, I won’t have any fun!

What is your favorite memory with the baseball team?

My favorite memory with baseball team was last year when I got to throw out the first pitch.

What do you want people to know about CP?

I want people to know that just because we walk differently than other people doesn’t mean that we are different. We are just like y’all!


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