I'm Probably Bisexual??

Growing up, I considered myself straight- usually being sexually and emotionally attracted to guys, but there has been more than a few exceptions. I started noticing them when I was maybe around 13 but didn't start letting myself think about it until around 18. When I found this video, I almost started jumping for joy because it's everything I've ever felt and experienced, and it helped me stop suppressing something that's completely normal. The only time I felt I could talk about this was in the context of it being hot to boys because that's all I thought it could be.

PSA: Your sexuality isn't just something for straight boys to jack off to. And to anyone who has thought "me too" reading so far, I hope this video makes you just as happy as it made me!



Yes yes yes to all of it^. "I went to my first house party, drank some alcohol and BOOM bi Dodie is here" I couldn't stop laughing at this part because that's exactly how it happened for me as well. Everyone says that you'll experiment in college and hey sometimes it turns out to be a very successful experiment haha you'll prove your hypothesis correct- you're definitely not straight. I'm still figuring out if I'm heteroflexible or bisexual. I've been afraid to use bisexual as a label because just like Dodie I don't feel "bi enough" having only dated boys. I like kissing girls, I've definitely had "girl crushes", and wouldn't be opposed to dating a girl. But have I mastered the art of flirting with a cute girl without getting tipsy beforehand and being super weird about it?

yeah no

I've started talking more candidly about this to a select few people, but still find it hard to say "hey I'm not straight btw" to friends without uncomfortably laughing for awhile. Apologies to everyone who isn't straight and grew up in Texas, internalizing all that lovely homophobia makes accepting yourself way harder than it needs to be. Believe me, I've had my fair share of anxiety-ridden moments when someone sees I have my tinder set to show boys and girls, and nervously repeating "uh yeah no whoops must be a mistake". But trust me your family and friends will love you all the same. More people than you think are in the exact same boat. 

Bi bye!!

(I'm sorry I had to)