Dead and Company + John Mayer THIS FRIDAY @ The Frank Erwin Center

If you know me, then you know I LOVE John Mayer. I actually think love is an understatement. He has been my favorite artist since the age of 12!! My love for John Mayer means that I follow him on all his social media accounts. 

I mean, he's funny, attractive, sings, and plays some awesome guitar! What is not to love? So naturally, by following all of his accounts, I was made aware in 2015 that he joined the Grateful Dead to form Dead and Company! Before John Mayer, I knew of the Grateful Dead vaguely through my mother's 60's jams, but I never had listened to them on my own and boy was I missing out, so when I Dead and Company coming to the Frank Erwin Center I HAD TO BUY TICKETS! I HIGHLY suggest everyone checking them out and if you are interested in seeing them December 2nd their tickets are still on sale! The link in below! 

Here are a few of my favorite Grateful Dead songs below! 





Take a listen and become a Dead Head! I hope to see y'all out there December 2nd decked out in tie dye and good vibes!