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Campus Cutie: Zac Kellogg

                                                                                                  Zac Kellog, Fall 2014
Major: Communication
Hometown: Austin
Relationship status: Happily in a relationship
What’s your favorite thing to do on campus? 
My favorite thing to do on campus is to find some place nice and quiet where I can read and drink coffee.
You’re in a band, right?
 I am in a local folk/alternative county band called White Leaf. I’m also working on a solo 
project that leans more on the singer songwriter/country side. I’ll also be playing SXSW this year 
for the first time which will be pretty exciting.
What do you do for fun? 
I’m an avid reader. It’s impossible to write good songs unless you’re constantly taking in new 
stories to feed from. I’m also a huge history buff, so naturally I love history documentaries. 
Anything Ken Burns does is worth watching.
What’s your ideal date?
 My ideal date would be to take a short drive to one of the small historical towns surrounding 
Austin with my girlfriend, and spend the day in the local cafés and shops. Then take her to a 
romantic restaurant that we’d never been to for dinner. 
 What’s your favorite spot in Austin?
One of my favorite spots in Austin is the Lamar foot bridge. I love taking in the hustle and bustle 
of the city from there.


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