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Your Spring Break To Do List

1. Sleep

It’s been a stressful semester, and for me, the first thing I’m gonna catch up on is sleep!

2. Head out to the cinema

Tomb Raider was just released yesterday, and it’s one movie I’ve had my eye for a while. A Wrinkle in Time and Pacific Rim 2 are coming out next week, I’m so hyped!

3. Do something creative

Spring break is a great time for you to flex your creative muscles if you haven’t for a while, from doing some sketching, or writing poetry, let’s hope inspiration strikes at the right time :D

4. Looking ahead

Work isn’t something I like to think about during the break, but I’m still going to take some time to work on my CV and send out more applications for summer internships and jobs – planning ahead will make things easier in the long run.

5. Relax, and have fun, and make your own list!

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Jenny Yau

St Andrews

I'm Jenny Yau, 19 and from Hong Kong. Reading, writing poetry and watching tv are my main obsessions. I am sometimes mistaken for a hermit, but I'm friendly once you get to know me :p
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