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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at St. Andrews chapter.

While the sun in St Andrews seems to be coming out, this was not the case for most of the year. Despite being known as Scotland’s sunniest coast, St Andrews is still no stranger to the unfortunate combination of wind and rain. As such, I’m sharing some tips on what to do during those rainy days (other than burying yourself under mountains of blankets), as these days will (unfortunately) return.

Grab a coffee (or a tea) at a café

Getting coffee (or a tea, in my case) at a café with a friend is a staple activity for any St Andrews student and an activity that can work regardless of the weather. Considering that it is (unfortunately) revision season, it may seem that all you are doing is staring at your laptop, praying that information may somehow miraculously enter your brain. Going to a cafe with a friend is one of the nicest ways to break that rut while ensuring you get some socialising time. Why not get a warm hot chocolate at Bibi’s or a light green tea at Fisher and Donaldson? 


As the third oldest university in the UK and the oldest in Scotland, St Andrews is a small town chock-full of history and museums. I feel that this is an incredibly underrated activity, especially for all the art history and history girlies out there. There are enough museums out there that will satisfy everyone’s tastes. Check out the R&A World Golf Museum on Golf Place if you love golf. Want to know more about the university’s history? The St Andrews Heritage Museum and the Wardlaw Museum are your best bets. Are you fascinated by natural history and/or biology? The Bell Pettigrew Museum is for you! Museums are also a great place to romanticise life in the bubble, so prepare to enjoy some much-needed shelter from the rain for an extended period of time.

Shop, shop, shop!

While St Andrews may not have the range of shops that somewhere like Edinburgh or London has, it still has a respectable range of shopping options open for you. There are charity shops galore for the many people in the bubble who love thrift shopping and sustainable fashion. Bell Street, for instance, is home to Barnado’s (both the charity clothes and book shop) and the British Heart Foundation. If you walk three minutes to get to Church Street, you can find the Salvation Army. South Street is home to shops such as Oxfam or the Cancer Foundation. Other options include shops such as H&M, Phase Eight, Crew Clothing, and Spoiled Life (if you can afford to splurge on the latter two!) Of course, everything is best done in moderation, so make sure you don’t break the bank.

Watch a show, film, or concert (and support local artists and businesses!)

St Andrews is home to a bustling arts scene amongst the students and the broader local communities. There are quite a few shows throughout the term, whether that’s a theatre production at the Byre or a symphony concert in Holy Trinity Church. There is also the option of watching a film at the New Picture House—whether by yourself or with some friends—especially considering the cinema’s future is currently in the air. Going to such activities is a win-win: you get to have a good time while supporting local businesses and the arts scene (and, in some cases, supporting the friends who are part of it!) So why wouldn’t you do that?

St Andrews Aquarium

As a penguin lover, I am ashamed to admit that it slips my mind that I can go see some penguins whenever I want (I blame this on deadline/revision season). The Aquarium is set in the breathtaking location of the Scores, meaning that you get to enjoy the stunning views of the Scores while looking at some adorable (and very cool) animals. The Aquarium is home to many types of animals, such as Great British Sharks and jellyfish. Students can buy a day ticket for £14, meaning it is not a hugely inexpensive activity. You can also buy tickets to feed various animals, such as the penguins (did I mention that I love penguins?) or see them getting fed. While I’ve only been to the aquarium once, it was a really enjoyable activity that I should do again. It also has the benefit of being a cute solo, friend, or romantic date idea!

Rainy days can put a damper on your mood, but that doesn’t mean they have to entirely dictate how you feel! In fact, rainy days can be lovely and super cosy when you’re doing something fun and generally enjoying yourself. In the chaos of revision and deadline season, I hope I have been able to give you some ideas on what to do in St Andrews when those rainy days inevitably return.

Taasia Thong

St. Andrews '25

I'm a third-year Malaysian-Singaporean studying Modern History and IR (I use she/her/hers pronouns). I've lived in six countries, so I'm passionate about multiculturalism and diversity, and love meeting and interacting with new people and cultures! My other interests include legal affairs, East Asian history, global politics, literature, journalism and fashion. You can often find me drinking unreasonable amounts of green tea, (struggling) to solve the NYT crossword and trying to make the perfect chicken katsu.