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This Week We Love: Miss Vogue

Have you read Miss Vogue yet? It’s the newest magazine for teens and it is magnificent. I grew up reading both Vogue and Teen Vogue in America, so for me it had a lot to live up to. Let me just tell you, I was impressed. 

Miss Vogue follows the same format as Teen Vogue, so if you are familiar with that there won’t be any surprises for you. That being said, I enjoy the format of Teen Vogue. Each section is represented with a story each month and a variety of trends and issues are focuesd on. Everything is given a teenage twist. For instance instead of inspiration on how to dress for the office, Miss Vogue provides it instead for nights out and the weekend.

I know what you’re thinking, ‘why would I want to read a magazine aimed at girls in high school.’ To that I say, it’s fun! Get your hands on this cute little magazine by buying the Kate Moss covered June issue of Vogue. Kate and Cara all for less than a fiver? Yes, please!

Hannah is a 4th year student of English Literature and Art History at the University of St Andrews.
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