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UK general election 2015

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at St. Andrews chapter.

As the exit polls came out on Thursday night at 10pm T.V journalists, commentators and it appears politicians themselves seemed equally baffled at what was being suggested, a majority Conservative government. Although not completely precise the exit polls were later revealed to show some accuracy, despite former MP and chair of the Liberal Democrat 2015 election team Paddy Ashdown declaring, ‘If these exit polls are right – I will publicly eat my hat’. Unfortunately for Ashdown his mistake was reaffirmed when he was presented with an edible hat, accompanied by a silver fork, on BBC question time by David Dimbleby.  I am sure that Ashdown is not the only shocked constituent by the election results, particularly in Scotland where the Scottish National Party swept through the country by winning 56 seats out of 58, one of which being won by 20 year-old Glaswegian student Mhairi Black who defeated Labour shadow foreign secretary Douglas Alexander. Shockingly, Douglas Alexander was not the only Labour shadow cabinet minister to lose his seat, as shadow chancellor Ed Balls lost his hold on Morley and Outwood to Conservative candidate Andrea Jenkyns by a mere 400 votes. With Friday morning bringing the announcement of the resignation of both Nick Clegg, leader of the Liberal Democrats and Ed Miliband leader of the Labour party, speculation continues to be rife as to who will step up and declare themselves as contenders for party leadership. Both parties are thought to have to be rethinking their political strategy in order to progress away from the defeat of Thursday night into a new era. As former Labour foreign secretary David Miliband tweeted yesterday ‘deep and honest thinking needed to rebuild progressive politics’. Therefore, I suppose the question is who will rise to the challenge and lead their party into such a politically changed landscape?  As Monday approaches how will the House of Commons adjust to its new inhabitants, and how will its new inhabitants adjust to the politics of Westminster?

The Polls



Leader: David Cameron

331 Seats




Leader: Ed Miliband

232 Seats



Scottish National Party

Leader: Nicola Sturgeon

56 Seats



Liberal Democrats

Leader: Nick Clegg

8 Seats



Other Parties

8 Seats


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