Taking a Break (Part 1)

So it’s revision week, and most (or all :p) of you must be frantically going over your textbooks and lecture notes, trying to make essay plans or reading your module’s essential reading (for the first time!). But everyone needs relax and take a breather once in a while :) Cramming is really not advised.

Without further ado, here is a list of activities you could do for a mini-break from all that revision material:

1. Take a walk

This is the simplest option, but one that works :) From taking a walk down Market Street or around the back of the Scores to the beach, going for a walk can help you clear your head so you’ll come back to revision refreshed and rejuvenated! 


2. Go out for a lunch or dinner with friends

I know most people probably just eat in halls during revision week if they’re catered and for non-catered people, cooking or cup noodles are their main options. But spending a lunch out with friends is a perfect way to take some time away from revision while also catching up with friends. 



3. Watch a movie

Whether its heading to New Picture House to watch the newly-released (and much hyped) Avengers: Infinity War film, or just streaming an old favourite on your laptop, relaxing with a movie is another big one on the list :) 


4. Music

Personally, I find listening to music pretty relaxing, so for if you’re looking for a mini- break, you could put on a song from your Most Played on itunes, or even make yourself a whole new playlist for chill time...