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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at St. Andrews chapter.

Summer Time Fashion


Summer is most definitely here in St Andrews, with the days getting warmer and longer, lectures for the year coming to an end and the thoughts of summer holidays becoming ever more exciting. Being so used to covering up against the wintery weather of East Fife, certainly makes the prospect of dressing for summer a somewhat stressful one. Here are some of my favourite fashion trends emerging this summer season!



This is a long running summer trend. Think St Tropez and Capri vibes with a hint of Amanda Seyfried’s style in Mamma Mia, but buffed up a bit. Fashion Week last year took us to the coast for this summer season, as a sea breeze swept over the runways in Milan, New York and Paris. Yachting-inspired dresses were seen at Chloé and with Marc Jacob’s nod to the sailor’s uniform, the designers set sail in search of new horizons for Spring/Summer 2015. Nautical knots added a sexy lease of life to the Christopher Kane and JW Anderson collections, weaving through halters and cinching up skirts.



Sleeveless coats

These are a bit of a novelty piece, but oh so chic at the same time. This is an extremely useful trans-seasonal fashion tool. Keeping the torso snug, while allowing the arms to roam free. This is a lady-architect piece. This is definitely a trend for fashionistas, as I feel some people may just wonder  ‘Why doesn’t that coat have any sleeves?’ or, perhaps, ‘There’s something strange about that coat and I can’t quite work out what it is’



Big, big big trend here! After last season’s flirtation with tartan, now we have a summer romance with Gingham. Ruthless gingham. Cool ginham. Not tablecloth or schoolgirl gingham. Oscar De la Renta and Diane Von Furstenberg have been all over this pattern, with floaty summer skirts and dresses in it. This chic print that has been worn by women for decades and now makes a wonderfully stylish come back.


White Lace

Romanticism was clearly on display as the girls at Valentino, Chloé and Louis Vuitton this season were dressed in delicate fabrics that played on the transparency of ethereal white lace. It’s no small secret that once the chilly veil of winter is lifted, ladies of the world like to embrace the new season in pieces that seem to scream “it’s warm out, here’s my body.” Chloe answered the call in delicate lace with whisper thin straps on a dress that seems like it could fall off the body at any moment Alexander Wang’s creation at Balenciaga paid homage to fishing nets and allows the city girl a chance at freedom from winter in pretty. This pretty trend of layered lace can be changed up with dark accessories and ankle booties.