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Sourdoughs of St Andrews Ranked:

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I’m serious about my sourdough. A piece of buttered sourdough toast is the perfect breakfast item, snack, or addition to any meal. I’ve tried practically all of them St Andrews has to offer in hopes of finding the best one. There’s no errand I love more than venturing out in the early morning to grab a coffee and a fresh loaf of bread from my favorite spots. Although fresh bread doesn’t last as long, it’s so good that my flat has no problem polishing it off in a matter of days. If you’re a serious sourdough fan like me, you have to try some of these loaves. Maybe you’ll find a new favorite. 

5: Tesco

While there’s nothing glaringly wrong with Tesco sourdough, is there really anything right with it either? It’s quite dry and needs a lot of dressing up to really shine. While this is a budget-friendly option, St Andrews has much better on offer —you can do better. 

4: Balgove Larder

Very similar to the I.J. Mellis sourdough, the only reason it ranks so low is the distance you have to walk out of town to get some. The walk to Balgove is not an everyday trek, but so lovely on a special occasion. When it comes down to it, this sourdough is good but not worth the precious space in your tote bag when walking back into town. 

3: I.J. Mellis

I find this sourdough to be very similar to the one at Balgove Larder, and I’ve long had a suspicion they are from the same bakery. While this sourdough is great, it lies in the shadow of the cheese and leek bread also sold here, one of the greatest breads in town. It’s oily, fluffy, and has chunks of cheese baked into it. So while the sourdough is good here, my money is going towards the cheese and leek bread. 

2: Naturity

Our runner up is the Naturity sourdough. The only thing keeping this bread from first place is the fact it’s only available twice a week, so stop in on Tuesdays and Saturdays to get your hands on some. All their loaves are so good, but my favorite is the olive sourdough that for me is so nostalgic of my favorite bakery back home. This sourdough is top tier. The only downside is each time I step into Naturity I have to try not to buy the whole store.

1: Newport

The winner was an easy choice. Newport Bakery on South Street is the best thing since sliced bread. That being said, they do sell their loaves whole. The sourdough here is a staple in my flat; I always have some on hand to serve alongside soups, stews, or plain. This sourdough has been there for me through it all. Visitors from home have called their sourdough the best sourdough they’ve ever had. There’s nothing like picking up a fresh loaf from Newport, checking out the unique array of pastries, and grabbing an American size cappuccino. I have a slice almost always immediately after coming home. The country sourdough, treacle and oat, and the new garlic and feta loaves are my favorites. Newport is for sure one of my favorite spots in all of St Andrews and one of my most highly recommended places. You won’t regret checking it out. 

Enjoy :)

Ella Bernard

St. Andrews '25

Ella is a third year studying Archaeology and Social Anthropology. She hopes to pursue a career in journalism when she’s not captaining her own sailboat on a voyage around the world. In her free time you can find her at the farmers market, gathering fresh ingredients for her next dinner party. She is especially passionate in writing about travel, women’s health, and wellness.