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September 2012: Fashion Month Roundup

While we were all getting settled back into the Bubble, the fashion world was travelling to New York, London, Milan, and Paris for the Spring/Summer 2013 Shows. There were standout shows in each city, and there was standout street style. My favourite moment was in Paris, Anna Dello Russo wore a grey Alexander McQueen featherd dress from the Autumn/WInter 2012 collection, and it was a pure fashion dream moment. 

In New York it was all about Marc. Marc Jacobs never fails to excite, wow, and amaze the fashion world with his range. Last season it was all out extravagance, and this season it was speedy, pared down elegance. It harked back to the middle years of the 1960’s, somewhere in between preppy, hippy, and mod. There was even a hint of a subervisive nod to political ideas of fashion. Marc, you are a sly genius. 

London is about the new and hip, but this fashion week’s crowning moment was the Burbery show. With a front row of Harry Styles, Dev Patel, Mario Testino, and Anna Wintour you know good things are on their way. I loved the candy colored trench coats for spring. The well tailored bathing suits and bright plastic bags were also hits. Music, Models, and Venue all combined to make it an unfogrettable show. 

Prada was the star of Milan fashion week. You either loved it or you hated it, but everyone had an opinion. Prada’s Japanese influence was very literally displayed on the catwalk. The show, like Marc Jacobs, was also infused with a sixties vibe.

In Paris the hype around new designers at old houses died was surpassed by the scale of the Chanel show. With wind turbines dotting the catwalk of solar panels, everything else was forgotten. Chanel is always full of new takes on the classic brand image. That was evident this season with a gigantic Chanel bag that Karl Lagerfeld envisons being used at the beach. 

Take inspiration from the shows now so that you will be on trend come spring. 

Hannah is a 4th year student of English Literature and Art History at the University of St Andrews.
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