Selina Lau

Name: Selina Lau

Year: 4th Year

Degree: Economics and Biology

Star Sign: Capricorn

Hometown: London 

When Selena is not studying for her honours degree of Economics and Biology, she if busy being the President of the Fife Food Festival, a subcommittee of the Fine Food & Dining Society

The festival takes place this SUNDAY in YOUNGER HALL, and it is an annual, student run, food festival with stalls and produce from all over Fife. All the money raised at the festival is going to the charities Mary’s Meals, which provides school meals for school children all around the world and Fare Share, which is a charity that aims to reduce food waste in the UK. Selena suggests heading straight for the hot food stalls, particularly for Sunday lunch! Visitors can also look forward to lots of different local foods and some awesome cooking and cocktail demonstrations.

Selena is clearly passionate about food, and it runs in the family; her academic mother was the president of the Fine Food & Dining Society and encouraged her to get involved in both the event and the society. Acting as a liaison and co-ordinating between the Fife Food Festival Committee and Fine Food & Dining Society, Selena especially likes the snack rota at committee meetings. To be honest, who wouldn’t? From vegan brownies to hummus and carrots, how could you not want to attend meetings? The society is *cooking up* some awesome events this semester with lots of coordination with local businesses, so make sure to keep your eyes peeled!

When Selena is not helping to create events, she is creating her own food – citing Chinese or Italian as her favourites! Her inspirations vary from Buzzfeed to foods that connote images of home, such as noodle broths and sweet and sour chicken! 

Quick Fire Round:

Favourite place in St Andrews: St Mary’s Quad

Pet Hate: Slamming doors

Favourite cheesy quote/chat up line: “Hope for the best, expect the worse.”

Lizard or Brew Pub: Brew Pub

Favourite Food: Ramen (at the moment)

Favourite Song: "Bohemian Rhapsody" by Queen

Guilty pleasure: Chick flicks

Dream travel destination: Any beach island

Dream dinner party companions: Lady Gaga