Reasons why Shuri is the best

I've always been a huge Marvel fan, one of those fans who pre-orders tickets and buys Marvel merchandise even before the movie comes out, so of course, I was there for New Picture House's first showing of Black Panther. The screening I was at was completely packed, even though I came on time, which had never happened before. Clearly, everyone was excited and hyped for the movie, and I for one was on the edge of my seat. 

The movie itself was amazing - I went back to watch it again two days later, and I have plans to watch it again next week. But I'm not writing this article to give you a review. Here, I would like to tell you all exactly why Princess Shuri is my favorite character to come out of the movie (despite some strong contenders), and the Disney princess we need but don't deserve. (SPOILERS AHEAD)

1) She's a goddamn genius. 

Shuri is probably the smartest person in the Marvel Universe, which is a high bar to reach when you consider the other geniuses of the Marvel Universe. At sixteen, she's in charge of all of Wakanda's amazing tech and new inventions and is completely kick-ass at it. Her motto is that just because something is functional, doesn't mean it can't be improved, proving that she's going to be leading Wakanda into a brilliant future. She heals bullet wounds overnight in her lab and sneakily records her brother testing out her tech. What an icon. 

2) Her relationships with her family 

MCU has given as many interesting sibling dynamics, from Thor and Loki to Gamora and Nebula, and while I have a special place in my heart for those relationships, T'Challa and Shuri's relationship is hands down, the best sibling relationship of the MCU. She teases him mercilessly like a little sister should, while also being fiercely protective and proud of him. She laughs at him about his traditional sandals (WHAT ARE THOSEEEE) but no one loves her brother more. It's fitting that she's the one who gives T'Challa his suit back, and of course, she has his back during the fight, just as he would do anything to protect her. 

Shuri's relationship with Queen Ramonda is also clearly a loving one and wonderfully touching. One of the film's most poignant moments for me was the sight of Ramonda and Shuri clinging to each other for comfort in their grief after T'Challa's fall. ​​               


3) Her unforgettable one-liners

Humor is an important element for any superhero film, and here Shuri is the champion. She sent the entire theater cackling more than once throughout the movie with her classic one-liners:

"Oh great, another broken white boy for us to fix."

"Is this Wakanda?" "No, it's Kansas."

"Don't scare me like that, colonizer!"

And who can forget her pun with the sneakers?

4) She is a wonderful role model for young black girls 

All the representation in Black Panther makes me so happy, from the multiple kick-ass black women warriors (Dora Milaje FTW), but nothing makes me happier than the character of Shuri. Young black girls deserve to see themselves onscreen, to have more role models they can look up to and aspire to be that look like themselves. Shuri is a dark-skinned Wakandan princess who builds amazing tech and is funny, capable, and loving. Who could be better? Thank you to the Black Panther writers and Letitia Wright for giving us this amazing character.

Plus, photos of little girls cos-playing Shuri never fail to make me tear up.


5) You really shouldn't underestimate her, as Letitia Wright says so herself.


6) Chadwick Boseman agrees with me. 

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Wakanda Forever!