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Lumsden Rose Sale: Give Back to Your Community this Valentine’s Day

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at St. Andrews chapter.

Whether single or taken, Lumsden’s Annual Charity Rose Sale is the perfect way to impress your friends or partner.

Each year, Lumsden organizes one of St Andrews’ most beloved student-run traditions. 

Not only is it an excellent gift for a galentine, but one of the easiest romantic gestures to make. And, most importantly, buying a rose is the ultimate act of spreading love, for it is directly giving back to your local community. 

To understand the full mission of this charitable outreach, I interviewed two of the club’s members to obtain a better understanding of who they are, what their objective is, and how their Valentine’s Day project can spread the spirit of love and giving beyond our university bubble.

Lumsden is an all-female charity club, dedicated to raising money on behalf of local charities in Fife, promoting the arts, championing women, and combating women’s issues.

What they are best known for, however, are the plethora of events they host – the most popular being their end of summer Pimms Garden Party.

They aim to innovatively craft interesting events for their fellow students, and ensure that such gatherings are a successful way to give back to the community.

Whilst Lumsden is undeniably charitable, it is often misrepresented amongst the university. It is criticized for its exclusivity and classism, and is frequently considered a ‘secret society’ or the sister to KK (Kate Kennedy). 

The Lumsden’s interviewees stressed that this was painfully far from the truth. The club’s “exclusivity” is not a classist jab, but a cautionary measure to ensure its members are genuinely dedicated to their cause.

And such precautions seem necessary, for the club is undoubtedly time-consuming. Its members must obtain a mandatory eight hours of independent volunteering per semester and partake in frequent service efforts, such as beach cleans, in addition to their event planning. 

Specifically, Lumsden is in strong partnership with Fife Women’s Aid, a local subsect of Women’s Aid – the largest domestic abuse charity organization in the UK. Women’s Aid is dedicated to helping both women and children who’ve been victims of discrimination, harassment, or victimization; it provides social service, shelter, legal counseling, etc. Nationally, it makes a palpable difference.

In general, Lumsden directs all their funds to the Fife Women’s Aid and is one of the organization’s primary benefactors. Thus, participating in Lumsden events is certain to have a charitable impact on our local community.

The Lumsden interviewees explained that their members partake in personal charities as well, individually funding a charity of their choosing. Many members elect to partner with Families First, a non-profit based in St Andrews, that aims to support children of Fife aged 5-16 and their families, with additional support needs and well-being.

When asked whether they’ve found their experience with Lumsden to be gratifying, the interviewees enthusiastically responded “for sure.” They are undoubtedly passionate about the club’s missions.

To support Fife Women’s Aid this Valentine’s Day, make sure to participate in the Annual Rose Sale, a long standing tradition organized by the first year members of the society. 

Roses can be sold individually, in threes, or fives, and can be purchased on Fixr. When ordering your roses, you can customize a message for the rose recipient. The rose(s) will then be hand-delivered on Valentine’s Day to the person’s address. 

But the Valentine’s Day festivities do not stop there! As a promotion for the Rose Sale, Lumsden will be hosting a Valentine’s Day themed night at the Vic on Monday the 12th of February. Like the roses, all profits from the Vic night are directly donated to Fife Women’s Aid.

Rhiannon Peacock

St. Andrews '25

Rhiannon is a second year from Boston MA studying English & International Relations