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How to Make the Most of the Spring Weather

Now that Spring has finally sprung everyone is eager to make the most of the sunny weather. But how best to do this in St Andrews? Who knows how long these warm temperatures, clear skies, and beautiful days will last. Below, I provide my best suggestions for taking advantage of the beautiful Spring weather and maybe even taking a break from all your studying!


1.Have a picnic on the beach

Both West Sands and East Sands are beautiful right now and just the right temperature to enjoy a leisurely picnic. Stop at Tesco and grab some fresh fruit, cheese, and wine for the perfect spring day study break. Make sure to bring some towels and some ‘tunes to make the most of your afternoon. 


2. Hike the Fife Coastal Path

With easy access right from East Sands there is no excuse not to take a mini-break and head onto the trails. For the truly adventurous turn it into an all day affair and make your way to Anstruther, where you can find some of the best fish and chips around, before taking the bus back. However, if you are more like me, just hike for an hour and then start heading back to St Andrews. 


3. Have margaritas at Mammacita

There is no better way to enjoy a Spring day then with a tasty treat. Sit outside to maximize your sun exposure and pass a few hours catching up with your friends. Go on a Monday through Wednesday to get frozen margaritas for just £3.50. With inventive flavours like Peach Passion your sure to have a good time!


4. Take a day trip

Edinburgh is just a short hour train ride away and the perfect city-scape to soak up some sun. Do some much needed retail therapy along Princess Street and then wander around Old City. Finally, head up to Arthur’s seat for breathtaking views. The trek to the top will be made much more enjoyable by the beautiful Spring weather. 


5. Study Outside

Whether you are in halls and take to the grass outside McIntosh or DRA, in private accommodation and make the most of your tiny garden, or decide to sunbathe on lower college lawn it is definitely the best way to study. Quiz your friends, go over notes, and finish up your dissertation all while making the most of Spring. 

With windy, rainy, grey-ish weather almost all year long St Andrews students need to take advantage of the sunny days while we can. Don’t be afraid to try out some of these suggestions, not only are they great for making the most of Spring, but also for de-stressing from all your exam worries. 

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