How to Deal: Winter in Fife

There gets to a stage in the semester when the heating/non heating debate comes to the fore. If, like myself, you live in an old house, which let’s face it, isn’t out of the question, you may feel like you are literally just throwing money out of the window. Is it worth turning on the heating to feel slightly less cold (because it’s never going to be warm), or just hibernate in the library?

As I sit in my coat, clutching my steaming mug of tea, dreaming of warm firesides, I offer some of my alternative suggestions for keeping warm this winter:

1.       Find a cuddle buddy, a historic and traditional mechanism for keeping toasty this winter.  Find a human radiator. A body bed warmer. Think day after tomorrow style.

2.       If you can’t find anyone, fear not! Instead, just invest in some cozy hot water bottles.

3.       Build a fort. Create a little cocoon of cosiness and comfort, like one of my favourite films, The Holiday.  Alternatively, hang duvets on the walls (no joke, a women from Student Services recommended this) which will hopefully keep the warmth in. Beware – with all the duvets around – your flat inspectors might think that you have squatters/people living in your living room. This definitely didn’t happen to me.

4.       Drink until you feel warm. Like if you were on a shoot, or something. Another historical way to keep warm, and arguably still practiced by many around the globe. A classic. I recommend mulled wine.

5.       ‘Accidently’ leave the oven on – however, this might not create the best ambiance among flatmates – especially if the fire alarm won’t stop ringing for at least 10 minutes. Also negative side effects include that others might open the windows, reducing any warmth achieved as a way of getting rid of the smoke, and you probably end up smelling of smoke. But hey, at least you were warm while it lasted.

6.       Do a Joey and wear all of your clothes (or anyone else’s – if you leave cashmere jumpers out, finders keepers…)

7.       Go to the gym. Work up a sweat. Get warm. Exercise makes you happy and improves circulation. Better go find my trainers… I’m sure I don’t just have converse.

8.       Eat. My new theory is that, like animals fattening up in the autumn, I need to add to my layer of fat to keep warm. I’m aiming for whale hips, and personally don't think it will be too difficult with all the festive food to enjoy...

9.       Light candles. They smell nice, add to the romantic atmosphere and will make you feel Christmassy all in one go. Yay!

10.   Drink hot drinks like they are an IV. Be near a kettle at all times, as if it was the ring in lord of the rings. If you don’t want the caffeine, go for a homemade Hot Chocolate topped with mini marshmallows, cinnamon and a dusting of coco powder or delicious herbal tea with lots of added sugar!