HC Profile: Meena Nayagam


Name: Meena Nayagam

Year: Third 

Degree: Medicine

Hometown: Sterling, Virginia 


Book: Harry Potter Series by J.K. Rowling (I routinely re-read the whole thing every few years)

TV Show: Parks and Recreation, Brooklyn Nine Nine, Merlin, Orphan Black, The West Wing, Criminal Minds 

(I watch a lot of TV tbh…) 

Movie: This one is really hard for me… probs Mulan

Song: “Dark Blue,” Jack’s Mannequin & “I Know It’s Over,” The Smiths

Animal: Wolves and Elephants

Place in St Andrews: Lade Braes or West Sands

Sports Team: not very into watching sports, sorry

Midnight Snack: popcorn and Earl Gray

Quote: “It takes strength to be gentle and kind,” The Smiths



Campus Activities

  • CC for Her Campus 
  • editor for MedSaint
  • volunteer for Teddy Bear Hospital Society 

Plans for the Future

  • hopefully graduate from here and then from University of Manchester with a medical degree
  • move back to the US and complete my training to be a trauma surgeon
  • eventually want to work with Doctors Without Borders

Study ‘Ritual’ 

  • get into something comfortable and have plenty of hair ties, clips on hand
  • refill my water bottle, make a strong pot of coffee and get tons of snacks 
  • pick one of my pre-made Spotify playlists and get to it! 

Something on your St Andrews Bucket List

  • complete the Coastal Path walk



Relationship Status: Single

Deal Breaker: hates dogs or terribly hygiene

Deal Maker: great sense of humor and can tolerate my high strung personality 



Dream Job: trauma surgeon for Doctors Without Borders

Dream Vacation: backpack through Europe or South America

Celebrity Crush: so many… right now, Gael García Bernal 


Secret Talent: um… I can eat a lot? 

Three Things You Can’t Live Without: cell phone (my whole life is on here), journal, headphones

Guilty Pleasure: watching trashy TV 

Dream Dinner Guests (5, dead or alive): There are literally so many people I'd love to meet.... I guess my top guests are Malala Yousafzai, Michelle Obama, Beyoncé, Jon Stewart, Aziz Ansari, Libba Bray, Cleopatra.