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Fourth-Year Feelings: Wanting to Do Everything

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There’s a saying which I heard for the first time this year from a fellow fourth-year, and it was as follows: first year and fourth year are similar in the fact that you want to do absolutely everything. Never has anything sounded so true.

In my first year, I considered things to do in St Andrews, balls to go to, and societies to join. On the first matter, I realised that the three streets didn’t hold all that much activity-wise. I decided, therefore, to save such activities for years two, three, and four, to have things to look forward to. However, by having ‘saved’ things, I am now in my final year having never been to the driving range, the Secret Bunker, or a fair few museums St Andrews houses (some might consider this amoral given I am a History student). Nor have I been to the St Andrews Aquarium, despite agreeing to go with my first-year flatmates in my Freshers’ Week, given there wasn’t much else for us to do (thanks, Covid).

In my last year, I also have a list of balls I want to tick off the list. Ironically, I have been to Grad Ball even though I was not a graduate. I have also been to Christmas Ball and Madball (organised by St Andrews Madrigal Group, I would recommend!) However, I still want to attend Welly Ball, Glitterball, and the various Hall Balls. Also, I want to go to a fashion show! £90 a ticket for a mere glass of prosecco on arrival has previously put me off, but if St Andrews is famous for anything, it’s the fashion shows – partially renowned for Kate Middleton’s previous involvement. So, my purse might be a little damaged by the end of the year, but I think if final year is time to work hard, it should also be time to play hard.

Another thing I promised myself is that I would make the most of being in beautiful St Andrews, and take advantage of the location to travel around Scotland. So far, I’ve travelled to Crail, Anstruther, and Dunfermline (a rogue choice, perhaps). I’ve been to Edinburgh a handful of times, and Glasgow once – I would highly recommend going to Whittard and buying the largest hot chocolate you will ever get for about £3.50. I still need to travel around the Highlands, which I hope to do after graduating this year.

The thing about being somewhere for four years is that you think you have plenty of time to do everything you want to do. But time flies when you have deadlines and pub trips, and before you know it you’re driving back up to St Andrews for your final year, with all the excitement of a first-year alongside the realisation of how much you have to do, and I don’t just mean work.

With all this in mind, I’m ready to be first in line for Welly Ball tickets, I have plans in the works for a Highlands road trip, and I’ll be planning my trip to the aquarium soon.

Emma Gatrell

St. Andrews '24

Hi, I'm Emma! I'm studying History at St Andrews. Things I love include good books, cats, and drinking lots of tea.