Five DIY Costume Ideas To Rock With Your Flatmates

In what has already been a spooky year, Halloween 2020 is going to be very different from the way you are used to experiencing it. For those of you living in uni halls or flats, this year means you’ll likely be celebrating by sitting in your rooms, in your costumes, underwhelmed and disappointed. Perhaps some will venture outside for a late night walk under what will hopefully be a mysterious full moon, bake some spooky themed treats, or watch a Halloween film or two. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t still have fun! Because it is highly likely that Halloween will be spent with the people you live with, why not exploit this opportunity to dress up in a group costume? Here are five ideas that are easy to pull off with a group of people, no matter the size. Photo by Jenny K. from Pexels

  1. 1. Sims

    This is by far my favourite easy Halloween costume idea. A green diamond taped to a headband and just like that, you and your flat are no longer just students living together. Suddenly, you can’t make your own decisions and have an elaborate backstory that the God-character controlling you created. Incredible what a simple headband can do! The green diamond can either be a cardboard cut out, or, if you’re feeling creative, it’s possible to bend some wires together and stretch a green balloon over it. 

  2. 2. Horrible Puns Collective 

    Why not pick out your favourite (or least favourite) puns to dress up as? The options are endless. Crush up some cereal boxes and live your best cereal-killer self. Or, tape boxes of Smarties candy to your trousers to become a smarty-pants. Give yourself a name tag that says ‘life,' and hand out lemons to your unsuspecting flatmates. The options here are truly unlimited for how creative you can get.

  3. 3. Pack of Cards

    It’s time to get any red, white, or black clothes out of your closet and get creative. This halloween costume, especially done in a group, could look very cool! Try to embody whichever Queen, Ace, or 6-of-Hearts your heart desires, and finish off the look with some lipstick-drawn shapes on your face. It’s very easy, recognisable, and makes for a great group picture!

  4. 4. Cards Against Humanity Cards

    This costume can be a lot of fun if you have many people in your household. You can decide who in your flat will be a black card, and who will be a white card, and surprise each other with what you all write on your cards. You can easily make this costume if you dress in all black, or all white, and write out your card on a paper you tape to yourself. This can definitely make for some funny photos, or at least some interesting question-answer combinations! 

  5. 5. Items off the McDonald's Menu

    If you’re feeling extra creative this year, it could be fun to dress as items off of a McDonald’s menu (or any other recognisable menu).You could get very creative with your individual looks, and still have a group costume. A french fry could be a yellow outfit with red accessories (or white, if you insist on taking your french fries with mayo). Your teddy-bear coat could become the perfect chicken nugget material. Use your imagination to come up with creative ways of modelling food items, and who knows, maybe it could even turn into a guessing game with a prize? The world is truly your oyster here.

Hopefully, these ideas served as a little inspiration to your halloween looks this year. Happy Haunting!