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Now that our last week of classes has finally finished, the dreaded exam period has arrived. Students everywhere bemoan its existence, complain about its scheduling, and wish they were anywhere but the Sports Centre from 9:30-11:30 am. While there is nothing we can do to get out of exams, we can try to make them as painless as possible. Below I have compiled a Final Survivals Guide to help make this time of year a breeze.


1. Make a Study Schedule

It may seem like obvious advice but actually having a schedule for when you will study for what exams can dramatically increase your preparedness. When you write out what concepts you need to study, lecture notes you need to review, and articles and you have to read you have a much better idea of how much time revising will take you. This leads on to my second piece of advice…


2. Start Early

I know it is something that you have been told since Grade School, but it truly does work. It is a lot easier to work for a little bit each day then try and cram an entire semester’s worth of information the day before the test. Research also proves that studying gradually in small increments results in optimal memory retention.


3. Take Breaks

No matter how organized you are, how hard your tests are going to be, and how much information you have to learn–a month is a long time! Between classes winding down, the two weeks of revision, and two week testing period you should have plenty of time to study. So do not be afraid to take a day off, go on a hike, or head to Edinburgh for the weekend. Brain breaks are good! This also goes for during your study sessions, don’t be afraid to step away from the screen for a few minutes and take a breather. 


4. Stay Fueled

The best way to break up studying is with a tasty snack. Take a break from the library and grab a quick coffee or stock up on tasty treats like granola bars. Keeping your energy levels high makes for more productive studying! Plus what better reward is there for a long day of cracking the books is there? 


5. Don’t Stress

The worst thing you can do is go into an exam stressed out and worried that you will not pass. Instead, think positive thoughts and know that all your preparation will pay off. Be confident, be calm, and get ready to ace your exams. 

Now that you have all the tips for success that you need, get studying!

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