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Feeling Lost About Graduating? Let these Iconic 2000s Trios Guide You

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at St. Andrews chapter.

My days as a student are officially numbered. As I write this piece I have four days until my final exam, 47 days until I graduate, and 66 days to change my address on the ASOS checkout back to my home address. My daily tasks are slowly switching from module readings, essays, and exam revision to closet clearouts and packing boxes. Whilst getting things done is satisfying, I find myself increasingly anxious about how few things there are left to tick off. My life after university has arrived in the shape of one long, empty to-do list which I have no idea how to fill.

Rather than seeking guidance in self-help books, podcasts, or any of the resources offered by the university, I turned to what I deemed to be the most reliable material on what life in my 20s should look like: early 2000s chick-flicks. With deadlines looming and word counts rising, my flatmates and I spent our evenings this past month studiously analysing the perfect formula to the 20s we all dreamed of. Our conclusion? Female friendship can dilute any stress in your early adult life. 

The Sweetest Thing (2002)- Christina, Courtney and Jane:

A highly underrated chick-flick turned raunchfest that, in my opinion, deserves cult-classic status. When Christina (Cameron Diaz) falls in love with a man she’s only met once, her best friends Courtney (Christina Applegate) and Jane (Selma Blair) push her to embark on an adventure to track him down. Like any classic road trip movie, the film consists of montages of girlhood, but with all the flirty undertones of being 20-something. Despite a tendency to turn to penis jokes, the plot, character development, and emotional draws of the movie all come down to the female friendships at its core. The lesson it taught us? Sex is sticky, and dating can be even stickier in your 20s. Sometimes it’s better to focus less on the guy and more on the stories you can laugh and dream over with the girls. 

Charlie’s Angels (2000)- Dylan, alex and natalie:

Another Cameron Diaz classic. Dylan (Drew Barrymore), Alex (Lucy Liu), and Natalie (Cameron Diaz) are the ultimate, kickass girl squad. As silly as this film gets in its special effects, constant hair flicking, and questionable fight-scene choreography, this “spy” film leaves you with that same feel-good feeling of any decent chick-flick. Whilst each girl follows her own romantic subplot, each to varying levels of success, their focus never fails to return to their mission at hand and the teamwork it requires. Grossing more than $264 million at the global box office, the film proved that female-led action films had an audience. Even amidst the undeniable sexualisation of its cast, appearing in revealing Swiss Miss costumes, bikinis, and all- leather outfits throughout, there was something empowering about watching three girls work together to save the day in killer heels.

The Devil Wears prada (2006)- andy, emily and miranda

I’ll admit that casting these three characters as friends might be a stretch, but they are undeniably an iconic trio who taught us far more than the significance of cerulean. The conversations between these three women feature a refreshing lack of boy-talk. Despite their differences all three women are determined to succeed in the workplace and achieve their dreams, but each at a cost. Emily (Emily Blunt) becomes consumed by her anxiety and exhausts herself with her own lack of confidence. Miranda (Meryl Streep) is cast as the stereotypical “dragon lady” and finds her private life coming apart at the seams. Mirroring Miranda, Andy’s (Anne Hathaway) relationship also becomes strained, but in returning to her values she has to let go of a career at Runway Magazine. I found rewatching this film particularly poignant as I dive into job applications. It served as a reminder that I can’t commit all of myself to every aspect of my life and it’s never too late to readjust my goals and slow down. 

When it comes to answering questions on what I will be doing next, my answer is now a polished performance consisting of a smile, shrug, and something along the lines of “oh I’ll figure it out as I go”. Safe to say this doesn’t satisfy everyone. But if these films have taught me anything it’s that my 20s will be far from perfect. Whilst I might not find myself up against criminal masterminds like the women of Charlie’s Angels, part of being an independent woman is embracing the bad and the ugly alongside the good. I will lack confidence in myself, sex and dating won’t always come with fireworks, and my career might not take off when I want it to. But ultimately these films reminded me that I’m far from alone and can always seek support, drive and guidance from the women around me. There’s a reason why “girls’ night” is the go-to cure for every blow life gives us.

Katharine George

St. Andrews '24

Katharine is the current Chapter Leader for the St Andrews chapter of Her Campus. She is currently in her final year at St Andrews studying Modern History and English Literature. She has interests in pursuing a career in journalism or publishing and has thoroughly enjoyed the experience she has gained writing articles for Her Campus. Her topics of interest include art and culture, campus news, wellness and the environment.