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St Andrews has more than 50 sports societies but navigating these, especially as a woman, can be quite intimidating. For instance, attempting a sport like boxing, which we would originally think of as male-dominated, can be absolutely terrifying as a beginner. Thus, in light of last weekend’s Her Campus X Tennis event, here are a few examples of different forms of physical activity that have been female approved by your fellow female students. 

1) Tennis 

After last weekend’s event, the St Andrews’ Tennis Club has earned its spot on this list. 

Whether you have played tennis before or are a complete beginner, the club has got you covered. From Learn How to Play classes that will allow you to get more comfortable with the sport to Cardio Tennis sessions that will get your heartbeat racing, the club’s committee has worked hard to accommodate everybody’s taste and skill level. 

Furthermore, after speaking to the club’s female members, it is a perfect environment to meet other women. For instance, Maria Montero, who has been a member of the club since she first stepped foot in St Andrews, stated that “it is a super tight knit girl group”, which was corroborated by Her Campus Social Sec Lily Andrews last Saturday during her emotive speech before the collaborative event with Her Campus: “these truly are my two worlds coming together!”. 

2) Golfing 

In true St Andrews style, golfing is one of the most fun ways of getting you into shape whilst enjoying a day out with your girl friends. 

If you have never picked up a golf club after a year in St Andrews, what are you waiting for? 

Gather a couple of your friends and take a trip to the golf driving range for a fun and active plan. Clubs and balls can be rented at the Old Course for less than £20. 

It is the perfect opportunity to dress up in a cute golfing outfit and have a laugh with your friends. After all, we are living in the capital of golf!

3) Rugby 

St Andrews is not only big on golfing, it also has a soft spot for rugby. 

Although at first the idea of tackling someone onto a muddy field may not be the most appealing to some, the women’s team dynamic may change your mind. 

There is no better way to form a tight bond with fellow women than playing a team sport whose main focus is on physical contact! The comradeship amongst these women has created an environment in which competitiveness is only used on the field and against the opposing team. 

Moreover, the club is extremely open to beginners and players of all levels. So don’t be afraid of getting dirty and get on that field! 

4) YogiSoc 

If you are looking for something more relaxing to disconnect from your assignments YogiSoc is a great option. 

Whether you wish to become a regular yogi or would simply like to try out something new, this society offers a range of different yoga styles and memberships that will easily adapt to you and your preferences. 

5) Walking 

Another option to disconnect more gently from your routine is to explore the Fife Coastal Path. 

At the very end of East Sands, right beside the East Sands Leisure Centre you can find this quiet haven away from the hustle of St Andrews. 

This hiking route is 117 miles long, taking you from the beach into the green Scottish countryside and back. Personally, I love going on walks with my favorite podcast for a bit of ‘me’ time but it is also the perfect route for a calming morning plan with the girls. 

6) Running

If walking is too gentle for you, there is always running! 

Fellow student Katie Gretter has been running in St Andrews for a year now and describes it as the perfect way to disconnect from uni life: “I can just run it off now!”. 

Additionally, running is very easy to pick up. All you need are your headphones and a comfy pair of trainers and you are set! However, there are ways of making it more appealing. 

For instance, plan your routes in advance. Is there a spot you really want to check out? Run to it! A new coffee shop? Set it as your end point. Another way of making running more appealing is to do it with a group of friends. Everything is more fun when shared and in the case of running the more the merrier!

7) Swimming

You would think that with this Scottish weather swimming would not be a thing, but here in St Andrews nothing is what you expect. 

If you are not afraid of the cold, plunging into the natural pools besides Castle Sands can be a great way of releasing stress. 

However, please prepare in advance! Pack a thick towel, a change of clothes, a coat, and a warm beverage. It will only help you destress if you are being safe! 

8) Dancing

Another society which deserves a mention in this list is the Dancing Society. 

Is there a new style of dancing you desperately want to try out? They probably offer it. 

Feel like you need to do something out of your comfort zone? Where better to do so than in a room full of other women, dancing to great music! 

Don’t constrain your dance moves to nights out! 

9) Boxing 

Returning to the male dominated environment of the St Andrews Sports Centre… 

Despite being a traditionally male sport, the St Andrews boxing club is a neutral space for you to live out your Hunger Games dreams. 

The club counts with a professional trainer which will ensure that you do not harm yourself and properly learn the technique pushing you as far as you decide to go. Plus, it is an easy way of meeting other women, as most of the exercises require working with a partner. 

Like the other societies, boxing does not force any of its members to spar or even engage in fighting but they do enable you the tools to do so. Hence, whether your aim is to live out your dystopian fantasies or learn how to box like a pro, boxing will welcome you with open arms. 

10) The Gym 

Lately the gym seems to be more in trend than any other sport. Yet, here in St Andrews, it can be absolutely terrifying to venture into it for the first time, but don’t worry — your fellow female students have got you. 

There are several gyms in St Andrews, the most popular being the Sports Centre Gym which is usually packed with uni students at all times. But you will be happy to know that amongst this population there is a large amount of women. 

St Andrew’s male to female ratio heavily favours women, meaning that despite the stereotypes, the Sports Centre Gym is mostly equally frequented by men and women making it the ideal space to be an apprentice gym rat. 

Moreover, the community of female gym goers is always willing to lend a hand to beginners, so please don’t hesitate to ask for advice! 

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