A Day Trip to Pittenween

Pittenweem is one of the many ‘quaint’ fishing villages that populate the Fife Coast. I know, it sounds like something out of a novel. The village is one of the dots on the ‘Fife Coastal Path', and although we were intending to walk from Pittemweem to Anstruther, when we discovered some yummy treats, our stomachs took priority!

We visited one Saturday near the beginning of the semester, and it was completely quiet. We had the little village to ourselves, which looked very picturesque and definitely ‘Scottish’ with the grey sky above us. 

The great attraction in Pittenweem is the fabled Pittenweem Chocolate Company. Drawing back long curtains, the sweet cacao flavour is overpowering. It feels like you have stepped into the Chocolat film set! The shop is incredibly cosy with board games and of course, delicious chocolate items – my accomplice basically had a cup of melted dark chocolate!

If you have a chance and want to spend an afternoon outside of St Andrews, definitely make the trip!