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Riley Keough and Sam Claflin in Daisy Jones and the Six
Riley Keough and Sam Claflin in Daisy Jones and the Six
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Daisy Jones and The Six: A Must Watch

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at St. Andrews chapter.

The new Amazon Prime series Daisy Jones and The Six seems to have cracked the code on how to create a successful TV series for an audience with an increasingly short attention span. Having been released on the 3rd of March, the series already has its own album and fashion line, and has even been argued to have relaunched the careers of its cast. But why are people becoming so obsessed with it? 


The series revolves around 70s Rock band ‘Daisy Jones and The Six’ – a simple storyline at first, but increasingly complex as the series unfolds covering time specific themes, such as the rise of 70s disco music amongst the African-American urban community and deeper issues like drug and alcohol addiction, sexual abuse, abortion and homophobia.

The series also contains a variety of gripping plot lines. From intense love triangles to toxic masculinity, the show manages to create an accurate representation of the complexity of human relationships increasing its appeal. 

Yet, what truly makes the show shine is the careful construction of its female characters.


The show has been co-produced by the female actress Reese Witherspoon and the author of the original novel Taylor Jenkins Reid, and the strong female involvement is definitely noticeable. 

As stated by Suki Waterhouse (Karen) in an interview, “this is the first show we’ve seen incredibly well written female characters.” All women in the series are self made women who fight against all the odds for their identity. From start to finish, we, as viewers, are exposed to the complex challenges faced by four incredible female characters making the show an inspiration for young women across the globe. 

The female lead, Daisy Jones, battles drug use, abandonment, men trying to take advantage of her talent and her heart, eventually conquering all and becoming an inspiration for her fictional fanbase. 

Camila Dunne, the wife of the band’s male voice, fights against all odds for the survival of her family, dragging her husband through rehab and single-handedly raising their daughter Julia.  

Karen, the female keyboardist, embodies the archetype of a career-focused woman who refuses to give up on her music no matter the cost. 

Simone, a pioneer disco singer, manages to succeed in the music industry on her own terms, refuses to give up on using her own voice and her relationship with equally empowering female character, Bernie. 


What also makes this show so captivating is its careful crafting of the ambiance.

Both the music and the clothes are specifically designed for this series, involving professionals like Blake Mills who wrote most of the original music for the soundtrack, as well as the cast who refused to use vocal stunts and immersed themselves head first in the creation of their characters’ wardrobe. 

The result: an incredibly authentic 70s wardrobe aesthetic inspired by female Icons like Cher and a tight knit cast who shapeshifted from a group of actors to a real band with a real album in the span of two years. 

However, what is truly fascinating about this is how both music and fashion have transcended the TV set and into our real lives. We can now purchase the show’s style thanks to the American Bohemian Brand Free People who have released a line inspired by the “70s cool” aesthetic of the show and we can listen to the album on all streaming platforms for the full experience. 

70s fashion has been making a comeback recently, but the show seems to be taking it to a whole other level, transforming the trend into a lifestyle. 


Finally, we have to talk about the cast. 

Their dynamic and chemistry on scene is incredible but there are a couple facts about the actors that make their roles even more fitting. 

Not only is Riley Keough the real life replica of the book’s original cover but she is also Elvis Presley’s granddaughter. This part of her identity triggered nepotism rumours at first, yet, after the release of the soundtrack and the teaser trailer, the media had to back down and admit that there is no one else who is better suited for the role. Her voice and her acting are spot on, not to mention her chemistry with the male lead, Sam Claflin. 

Our favourite British heartthrob whom you may know from iconic movies such as Me Before You or The Hunger Games has found his way into the hearts of a younger audience once again, rejuvenating his fanbase and extending his career. 

Finally, as argued by Vogue, Suki Waterhouse has relaunched herself thanks to her role as Karen. Previously known for her modelling career, Suki has now been branded an ‘it girl’ and has managed to sell out arenas in the US and South America for her upcoming music tour, making her a prime example of how big of an impact Daisy Jones and The Six is having as a media phenomenon. 

Overall, the careful construction of plot lines, characters, music and fashion combined with a collection of incredible actors under the creative direction of women has resulted in a stunning TV series that is hitting top charts. So, get yourself onto Amazon Prime and enjoy the emotional rollercoaster that is Daisy Jones and The Six. It will most definitely not disappoint! 

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