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Countdown to Spring Break as Told by Puppies

1. Being stressed out AF trying to finish all of your one million assignments before Spring Break.

2. Feeling as if the break is months away, and that work is never going to end.

3. Finishing one assignment and feeling happy about it, before realizing that you have more left to finish before you’re free.

4. Finalizing your plans for the break, from hanging out with friends to going on trips, and being super excited.

5. You’ve handed in all your essays and reports at long last, and you can spy the break coming for you just around the corner.

6. IT’S HERE!!

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Jenny Yau

St Andrews

I'm Jenny Yau, 19 and from Hong Kong. Reading, writing poetry and watching tv are my main obsessions. I am sometimes mistaken for a hermit, but I'm friendly once you get to know me :p
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